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Found 4 results

  1. Okay since the death of the GS Guardian ring, I think it now has room for improvements as a supporting killer class. Right now the Ring only has 420%(Blaze it) to Tracking and its cast time has been increased by 25%, adding the new rifle to it, it reduces max HP by 15% and the GS receives 10% more damage from Demi-humans, the only buff the weapon gives is that it reduces cast time by 15%. So if my math is correct, cast time increased would only be 10%. Thats still a set back for the GS Guardian. (not that I'm complaining) Damage wise, I can deal 100k - 200k or less(depending on weapon build or opponents armor) per 3 seconds on phen card/2 seconds on 2 berzebub cards. Piercing shot feels kind of useless even if it was increased by 300% as it only deals around 20k - 25k fixed damage So im gonna list a few possible suggestions that would make the class viable again Increase the damage for Tracking on the Nari's Harbinger by just a bit more so that players will purchase the rifle instead of using valis Add "Skill casting can not be interrupted" to weapon Increase the % damage of piercing shot so it has a secondary skill other than Tracking. Add Enlarge Weight Limit to the Nari's Harbinger since we need seeds to survive The point of this suggestion is NOT so I can make GS guardian a 1 shot kill again, but to make it USEFUL in team fights and so that it can be playable in 1 on 1 fights Thank you very much for reading, and please offer your much appreciated opinion on the matter.
  2. So as you can see in the title we all do know Stalker cant do that much Damage like the other class or so whatever. In past we got this redux on demi-humans on stalker sb thats why its okay to leave stalker like that since it has redux but since it got nerf'd and never get boosted or buff anymore thats kinda sad for the players who used or loves to or main to play Stalker forced to quit since they dont do damage anymore + its soft af. stalker vit has very low add on HP so that's why you can have prolly 240-250k hp avg. People says its all good because it has "Backslide" skill and can copy skill. that's true let me repeat stalker doesn't do that much high damage avg damage of ds is like 8-13k DS and their fas is awful since they have no Improve concentration , Can get falcon eyes but level 5. and here's the current effect of Stalker Bless Ring [stalker of Divine]Int+ 20, Dex +20, Max HP +10%, Max SP +15%, Atk +15%, Walking speed +15%Reduce Vit def by 10%, Flee +15Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5% So my suggestion [stalker of Divine]Agi +10(Optional) Dex +25-35, Max HP +15%, Max SP +10%, Atk +15%, Walking speed +15%Reduce Vit def by 10%, Reduce all skill's after cast-delay by 8%-10%"Null the effect if wear by Bjorn Blade (2nd option add Double Strafe damage by 15%-20%)Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5% It's really fun to play stalker again back in old days when it was redux type stalker but then so many people complain about that and then got nerf'd got forgotten. By the way, CLICK AND LISTEN TO THIS WHILE YOU ARE READING IT MAKES YOU CALM <3
  3. I feel the Kafra Headband (which is obtainable through activity tokens), should be available for Professors as well, probably reduce the MATK to a lower rate, 30-35% MATK, maybe? I think it's fair to give professors the chance to use the Kafra Headband, because there is no freeze immunity in it. It costs 400 Activity Tokens, same as Ship Captain Hat. Shouldn't it be 'around' the same? Just doesn't seem really fair for Professors, They're already a squishy class, they die easily. What do you think about this guys? I mean ShipCaptain hat gives 20% Physical + Range, thats hella a lot of damage. Aside from that, it includes freeze immunity.
  4. So I see we're either testing or implementing de-buffing at the NPC for GVG, so we know it works. Can we implement this for the PVP arena? I'm asking for at least 2X attack to be removed, so you can't warp in and nuke with FAS etc, although I'm not sure how possible this is since it isn't a specific buff. What do you guys think?
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