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Found 6 results

  1. Good day. I just started playing Forsaken RO today. I was looking for a way to teleport directly to dungeons. I searched it on how to do it. The thing is, whenever I teleport, I just go straight to the town. As for example, I would like to teleport to payon dungeon, so i'll enter @go pay_dun00. Despite doing that, I just end up going to the town. What am I not doing right?
  2. There's got to be no Ragnarok server without the dependable Kafra and her services. ForsakenRO has its own unique Kafra who almost has everything you'll ever need while marching your way to the path towards victory! Forsaken City's Forsaken Kafra Each town has its own Forsaken Kafra. The Forsaken Kafra can offer you services such as: Change Save Point Guild Storage Item Remover Item Refiner Card Remover Repair Item Coin Converters Renter Platinum Skills Buy Skill Points Stat Reset Feeling Reset Change Save Point - This is one of the first things you might want to do whenever you create a new character. Your default save point at the beginning of each Novice's career is at Novice Zone 2 (@warp novice02). Choose the town where you want to be revived (if you were killed) or relocated (coming from a map such as the custom ones wherein you need to talk to an NPC to exit) and talk to the Forsaken Kafra. Select this option to set it as your Save Point and from then on, whenever you revive or get relocated, you'll spawn at the desired map. Guild Storage - Select this option and you will be warped right in front of the Forsaken Kafra, and will be granted access to your Guild's storage. This storage is shared and can be used by all the members of a guild. Anyone can store items in it likewise gather them from it. Share equipment and different items for your fellow guild mates to use. Unlike your personal storage (@storage), the Guild Storage can not be opened by any commands. It can also hold up to 1000 different kinds of items compared to the personal storage's 600. Selecting this option without having any Guild at all will have no effect whatsoever but warp you right in front of the Forsaken Kafra. NOTE: If you create a guild and put items in the Guild Storage, once you break the guild (/breakguild guildname), all remaining items in it will permanently vanish even if you create a guild with the same name as the one you have disbanded and checking the Guild Storage right after. Item Remover - Some items in-game can neither be dropped, sold or traded away. The best way to get rid of them if they are bugging you and your inventory is by simply using this option. To remove a certain item from your inventory, search for the item's ID (purely consists of numbers. Example: Lucius Fierce Armor of Volcano's ID is - 2344), if you have no idea what the ID is for the item, you can always search the web, and then type it down the blank space provided. NOTE: This procedure removes only 1 (one) item from your inventory no matter what, meaning, if you have 100 Apples in your inventory, you will be left with 99 once the action is completed. Item Refiner - With this option, you can refine weapons and armor to their fullest in a single click. Just put any number from 1 - 10 in the space the Kafra provides and voilà! As per tradition, you will need an amount of Zeny (varies) and either a Phracon (for Level 1 Weapons), an Emveretarcon (for Level 2 Weapons), an Oridecon (for Level 3 Weapons), or an Elunium (for Headgear, Armor, Garment, Footgear and Shield) before being able to refine equipment. Card Remover - Compounded the wrong card to the wrong equipment or vice versa? No worries! With this option, you can completely undo the process. As catalysts, you will need a varying amount of zeny, one Star Crumb and one Yellow Gemstone. Service Fee: 200,000 z For each card removed: +25,000 zeny Repair Item - It sure is annoying finding out that your weapon or your armors are smashed to pieces that you can't even use them, leaving your defenses wide open and your offense pitiful. Well, guess what? Just like in refining, you don't have to consult Dr. Blacksmith to repair your weapons for you. Each repair from the Forsaken Kafra (regardless whether a weapon or armor) costs a mere 5000 zeny. Coin Converters - Looking to bank and save your zeny the easiest way? Tired of having too many numbers on the Basic Info window for some odd reason? Do you want to pass it around just like common items during trades? Look no further for answers because the Forsaken Kafra is able to convert a desired amount of your zeny into coins (and vise versa) for easier saving or trading! Bronze Coin - 10,000,000 z (Ten Million Zeny) Platinum Coin - 100,000,000 z (One Hundred Million Zeny) Gold Coin - 500,000,000 z (Five Hundred Million Zeny) Mithril Coin - 1,000,000,000 z (One Billion Zeny) NOTE: You are ABLE TO SELL the coins to NPCs with a two-digit prize tag (50 zeny). You are also ABLE TO DROP the coins from your inventory. BE CAREFUL AND BE RESPONSIBLE! Renter - With this option, you are able to rent either a Cart (Merchant Class, Super Novice), a Falcon (Archer Class), and or the adorable Peco Peco (Swordsman Class). Make sure you have the respective skill needed in order to be able to rent from the Kafra! Platinum Skills - Have your 2nd Job/Class characters get a taste of their respective platinum skills without the hassle of having to quest for them! Buy Skill Points - If you ever get short of Skill points to level your skills up or if you want to learn and level up skills without having to achieve new Job Levels, use this option to buy them from the Forsaken Kafra. Each Skill Point costs One Million Zeny (1,000,000 z). Stat Reset - Wanna try a new stat build for your character? Or did you just misclicked and put an unnecessary stat point, completely ruining your 'perfect' stats? No worries, because the Forsaken Kafra can do the resetting too for you! Each Stat Resetting costs 5000 z. NOTE: If you have already completed the Knight Quest and done the Stat Reset, make sure to talk to Prince Theodore III (@warp for_king 101 158) to regain those bonus +200 stat points back! Feeling Reset - This option is exclusive only for the use of the Star Gladiator job. For more info, click on this link to find out what this resets.
  3. PAYON KAFRA [curse iPhone autocorrect >.>] (payon): 182, 104 Me, Death Grip members, and also the players who like to call Payon our base/home/chill spot would like to request that a Kafra employee be place under the tree near the Eden Teleport Ofiicer/healer/tables under the tree on the lower part of the map. There used to be one in iRO, and it made a good save point and less of a hassle to have to go up to use Kafra services. Payon is a big map and I believe this could be beneficial to other players in terms of ease with access and to add a little nostalgia.
  4. I feel the Kafra Headband (which is obtainable through activity tokens), should be available for Professors as well, probably reduce the MATK to a lower rate, 30-35% MATK, maybe? I think it's fair to give professors the chance to use the Kafra Headband, because there is no freeze immunity in it. It costs 400 Activity Tokens, same as Ship Captain Hat. Shouldn't it be 'around' the same? Just doesn't seem really fair for Professors, They're already a squishy class, they die easily. What do you think about this guys? I mean ShipCaptain hat gives 20% Physical + Range, thats hella a lot of damage. Aside from that, it includes freeze immunity.
  5. Mindfang

    Item Storage?

    I cannot for the life of me figure out what NPC does storage! Who do I talk to and where are they? D: Thank you!
  6. I would like to suggest that we could have a storage in each account that have password for security purposes. This would have a charge of tokens. I would like to read any comments or more better suggestion on this topic. Thanks =)
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