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  1. Buying Original LHZ. paying in PURE tokens = 1700 tokens. please pm me donators.
  2. Here's my entry. (Twitter) Main Character: .MrBoobie
  3. Here's my entry. Main Character: .MrBoobie
  4. GM, I have a request. Thanatos Summon Room Timer. Please make it like a 'period' where you are online. Instead of 2 hours straight. It's really unfair as for most of us are from Asia. Meaning high latency = higher chances for disconnection. I have waited for 6 hours straight from this problem. Everytime it's about 1 hour 50minutes. I disconnect. Please please do something about it.
  5. GM, The singing bird hat does not give the same bonus as my Voted Valkyrie Hat. Please Check.
  6. Hey there GM, I just bought a Singing Bird Hat and refined it to +10. I used 2 Seyren Windsor Card. However , my damage did not increase as compared to my Valk Helm (Vote). Please check on this.
  7. I have question though, I'm kinda new in RO. Do is it better for me to have a higher crit rate? which is around 160 - 190? Or just above 100? What would the difference be if I had crit rate:160-190 and crit rate:104? Is there a higher damage in the critical? O_O Confused.
  8. Alright, previously. The inferno cape was well done. Looked simple, mysterious, and kinda artsy. But this time the jacket is just plainnnn UGLY. I mean not only does it cover your character's skin. But it's like wearing a lamp cover. Just wondering if your 'designer' could do something about it. =3= Good job, but nice try. Please remake the looks of the jackets. :P Thanks.
  9. I realized that the latency of FRO in asia is pretty high. Around 200ms - 300ms. This is a really good sever I must say. As majority of the population are asians, I'm just asking, whether if it is possible, to have a server somewhere in South East Asia? Or some sort of software to reduce the terrible high latency? :T
  10. Currently the card is usable for Headgear. I feel since almost everyone is using 3 Kiels. Not many people or maybe no one is going to use the card at all. So here's my suggestion, make High Wizard card a WEAPON card instead of headgear.
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