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Found 4 results

  1. Maiimaii

    Heavy Delays

    By any chance did you guys moved the server or something? Im having 300 ping for 2days now. Normally i have 90-100 ping. what's happening in the server is there some ddos attack or? please help. i can't play w/ 300 ping.
  2. I realized that the latency of FRO in asia is pretty high. Around 200ms - 300ms. This is a really good sever I must say. As majority of the population are asians, I'm just asking, whether if it is possible, to have a server somewhere in South East Asia? Or some sort of software to reduce the terrible high latency? :T
  3. Hi Forsaken Players, iam really new here and want to PvP someday (WoE) included. I farmed the last Days iam here and was wondering if my short delay is "normal". So i pinged the Server with cmd, if u dont know what i mean: Press Windows Key + R and type cmd -> enter then u type <ping forsakenserver.net> there u will see how high/low your ping is. So i got 150ms Ping. Guess its high cause the Server is located in the USA and iam in Germany. To the Americans: How high is your Ping? To the European: Can we compete in PvP with this delay? PS: i really love the Server and like what i saw the last days(my first days), so great job to the Staff :) PSS: Searching for a progressive Guild :P (not to lazy to farm my stuff on own)
  4. hello!! i recently returned and would like to know something...is there a way for me to reduce lag? as we all know LAG is a bitch and online players would go on and rant that "*insert name here* didnt kill me, LAG did" i did some stuff already 1. clear history (clean up cache) 2. closed all other running apps and downloads 3. defrag 4. clean registry 5. reduced fRO specs 6. kill wifi :D 7. format (thinking about it. to really clear everything up) and also we changed ISP, im thinking it might have something to do w/ it since i didnt have much issue w/ LAG w/ our previous ISP so if someone would suggest to 1. move near server 2. change ISP 3. get a better PC these arent options for me (2 & 3 probably in the future) i would like to know what ISP other PH players use to compare w/ mine my ISP is bayantel (from PH) w/c they claim runs at a rate of 1mbps (same as previous) and i also ping'd the server on a good day i get 208ms and so, if someone could give me a tip to help reduce it in a LEGAL way would be much appreciated :D ALSO how to make a signature guide would be nice :D
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