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Found 4 results

  1. Fractals About Us At the moment we are mostly just what remains of The Usual Suspects after our leader, Xiven, mysteriously vanished. Many of us are veterans of Ragnarok though we do have plenty of new players as well. We have mostly been farming, questing, and hunting MVP's together. We are currently waiting to have more members and to gear up any people who need it before we start heavily competing in GvG events and, of course, WoE. What We Have to Offer A friendly, yet competitive environment An active and very effective MVP hunting team that uses a great tracker Invaluable WoE-based tips and tricks Any kind of help you need with your character, farming, and anything else A personalized Forum as well as a Raidcall where most of us are on every time we are logged in Requirements You must be level 255/255 (it won’t take you all day). You don’t have to have the best gear possible to join us, and I especially don’t care if you are a newbie since everyone else here started from scratch. We give priority to knowledge and skill over equipment here. Be mature in every situation to the best of your ability. Goofing around and making jokes is absolutely okay, buy as long as it’s kept to its place. Just don’t be the kid that starts up a fight and wants everyone else to back him up because he can’t handle it on his own. Teamwork mentality. Always consider if something you have can help someone else even more. Are there skills or certain builds that you’re not using that would work better with someone who can help back you up? Think of the best way to perform as a team, not just as an individual. If someone asks a question, wants to talk, and you are available then please respond. Don’t be a brick wall. Contacts We don’t have some stupid competition to get you in, nor do we put you through an ever-lasting interview process. If you feel that you are up for a challenge and an amazing journey alongside a great bunch of people, please feel free to contact ANY of the Fractals members as they can contact the people with invite privileges almost immediately. The IGN of my main character is W. W. Joerger so feel free to send me a message! However, if you are unable to reach any of us, the guild hangout is at @go 22 so feel free to drop by and ask anyone there. If that doesn’t work, please apply at our forums at www.fractals.forumotion.com Thank You
  2. I have played on many RO servers, but i have returned to this one since it was my favorite. i was in the military and didn't have any time for games. However, now that i am out, i have time to get back into RO. I remember the basics of the game, but i will admit i will need a refresher to get back on my feet. If there is an open guild looking for gamer, and isn't afraid to work with them, then I'd love to hear from them. i usually will be on the weekends and after 6PM m-f eastern us time
  3. Forsaken Angels Forsaken Angels is recruiting for more angels! We will be known as the friendliest social guild who chats in fcity, and we have access to heaven (our secret base) This guild exists to serve and help those newbies and if you are a person who loves to help, then this is the guild for you. This is a social guild so we do not WoE, GvG, BR, nor PvP but we can give tips to newbies or those who need help though If we have time and resources, then we can help you with whatever you need to accomplish, may it be forsaken knight/weapon/etc. If you feel ignored by people or you want to quit because you can't make any friends then come to us, We will welcome you with open arms If you have inquiries or you simply need help with something, then come to us We will answer them the best that we can If you are bullied and no one is on your side, don't worry we are here We will stand by you We will be your friend, and we will never let you down Requirements to become an Angel No specific classes, anyone can join. May it be a baby or not. Lovely and funny people that will make our ForsakenRO life interesting. You need to have basic knowledge about ForsakenRO so you can teach them to newbies You need to be kind, polite, patient, helpful, respectful, and NOISY Why noisy you ask? because we don't just help newbies, we also TALK and TALK to different people What we hate the most Impolite, offensive, boastful, insensitive and disrespectful players If you want to join our Guild, then message me here or PM ~ V i c t o r i a ~ ingame ;) I hope we could have a good community of angels soon! Donations are appreciated, we will use these to make guild events for the newbies!
  4. Hello fellow players of the Forsaken ragnarok server. I have recently created a guild called - Royal Noobs. However not everyone in this guild is a noob, the guild name stands to let other players know that Just because you maybe what they class as a "noob" Does not mean youre any less of a good player than they are. And with thus, I invite you to join said guild. I shall explain alittle: The Reason behind the name is because when i was starting off in this server I was already quite good at ragnarok. Granted i didn't have the gear but i would still win vs the people around the same gear level as me. I eventually grew and got my gear up and i started to pvp more and so on, Thus. I became a royal noob. I don't care if youre new, Old, Geared or ungeared. The guild itself is there for everyone and all. No matter where you're from. I'm not racist, sexist or anything like that. all i ask if you keep it respectful to yourself and others around you. I will help you with quests/pvp/mvps etc. If youre interested, you can reply on here, Message me directly via the fourms Or Pm me in game - Millie/Skylia Any hate etc that is posted on this thread will be taken serious.
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