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  1. Since many players/veterans are asking about basic guides of blitz-beat ❤️ Here we goes~ ❤️ blitz-beat->Commands the Falcon to dive at a single target and strike repeatedly to inflict piercing ranged damage to all enemies in a 3*3 area around the target. This skill ignores the accuracy check and can be auto-cast when physically attacking with a Bow, in which case 0 SP is consumed. Despite the animation, all damage is connected in one single bundle, unaffected by every form of damage modifier. ALSO bypasses defensive benefits such as Guard, Parry and Weapon Blocking. Stat STR: (100 totally) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: (120k hpmax is enuff) INT: *300 max* DEX: *610 till 616 Hit* LUK: *150 till 160 totally*(95% auto-blitz occurs) Gears H-up: vote tan valkryie helm[vesper, isilla] H-mid: Legendary gold myth flame[vesper] H-low: non-donate guardian ring*IMPORTANT*[vesper] Notes-> 3x vesper cards have extra Dex+6/90% mdef ignore via MVPs ;3 Armor: vote fking armor[high priest margaretha, mistress of shelter=>extra int needs] Weapon: Legendary wing bow[cursed sniper rune 3x, side winder]=bows can do double atk too :3 Shield: +10 Legendary friggs shield[hodremlin] or [alice] or [despero of thanatos=>extra int needs] Cloak: vote fking cloak[kasa 2x]=fire bolt+fireball auto-cast Shoe: vote fking shoe[fbh 2x]=extra 20% matk-up, plus auto-blitz/matk auto-cast are 0 sp consumes Acce: sigrun valor[imp 2x]=50% increases via fire bolts Ps-> visits https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=sigrun-valor-1 for details ❤️❤️❤️ Arrow uses Legendary oridecon arrow Formula Damage for each hit=80 + 6*(Steel Crow lvl) + 2*Floor(INT/2) + 2*Floor(DEX/10)
  2. Guides for Thanatos Room : Some of newbies recently asked how to enter Thanatos Room, maybe they just want to try it out. Well if that so, I'll share some of tips for doing this. But pardon me if my english not that good, but I tried my best ^^ Our server has Thanatos Room that gonna open every 2 hours. You will see the notification "in 10 minutes open" When the notification are about in 1 minutes prepare you timer. Set it at 60sec or 59 sec (or if you gonna wait until 30 seconds set your timer at 30 or 29 sec, run your timer as soon as the notification pop out) Find your rythm and make sure your connection good hehe.. Where to go? @warp for_bar 158 216 What's to prepare? 4 Fragments : Fragment of Hatred (tha_t08) Fragment of Agony (tha_t09) Fragment of Misery (tha_t10) Fragment of Despair (tha_t11) Talk to the NPC and make sure you bring all of the Fragments 1 each. You'll see if the room [Occupied] or [Available]. Choose Enter the Room. And then you need to put the password, type it correctly and just wait, dont press enter yet, when the notification "Thanatos Summoning Room is open" quickly press Enter, always check on your timer ^^ If you managed to enter the room : 1. Talk to the NPC and warp to 1st magic circle and insert the password (Fragment of Sorrow), defeat the monster and walk to the center. 2. Talk again to NPC and Warp to 2nd magic circle, insert the password "Fragment of Agony", defeat the monster and walk to the center again. 3. Talk again to the NPC and warp to 3rd magic circle and type the password "Fragment of Hatred" and same after defeat the monster walk center. 4. Last magic circle, talk to NPC to warp over. And type the password "Fragment of Despair". 5. After defeat the last monster walk to the north, and click the last magic circle, and at the sudden 4 monster you just defeat will appear again. Kill them and walk back to 4th magic circle. 6. Thana already summoned and ready to kill. Killing Thanatos : I would like to prefer Sniper, High Wizard to kill this, dont use Champion. I'm using Sniper so let me tell you how to kill it with Sniper. The Arrows : Prepare 3 kind of Arrow, Immaterial, Shadow and Holy. Because Thana always changing his Element, but Imma and Shadow would be fine. Equip for Sniper Low Budget : Top HG : F.Knight or Vote King Helm or Freebies (3 Kiel or Silver Kiel) just the matter of spam. Middle HG : Zodiac, LHZ, any aura or freebies. Lower HG : Vote Cape or any slotted Lower HG Armor : F.Knight or Vote King with 2 Gloom Cloak : F.Knight or Vote King with 2 Pouring Shoes : F.Knight or Vote King with 2 Fallen Bishop Card or Silver FBH Shield : F.Knight or Vote King with Golden Thief Bug card (anti magic) Weapon : Legendary Sniper Bow (4 Abyssmall or 2 Turtle General or Silver TG + 2 Paper if you are FAS type Sniper) Accessory : 2 Legendary Dexterity Gauntlet If you have enough token just upgrade your Equip ^^ Battle Phase 1. Use Immaterial Arrow on Thanatos. 2. When its HP reach 10M less, usually he would change the element to Holy, use Shadow Arrow. 3. Keep doing it until he's died. CONGRATULATION YOU KILL THE THANATOS! (This time I'm not lucky /sob) If you lucky you would get the card with 0.7% chance in weekday and 1.4% weekend. Good Luck! ENJOY! ^^
  3. We are Kings yet to be Crowned ~ Let thy power prove that we are the TRUE KINGS !! Uncrowned Kings recruiting newbies @go 11 for invite ~ - We do MVP hunt - Give FARM jobs - Guide newbies give tips for those who's lost !! - Can solo Raids - Leader is retarded anything goes LOL - Guild Events (random) ღ RULES ღ : ✦ Respect others specially guildmates, other than that you can play however you want since want we wont force you to do anything , btw this includes sexual/abusive remarks lol (dont go overboard). ✦ Ask if you got questions and we'll answer ✦ Fights between members will be handled by officers/guild master ♡ ✦ Fights outside guild - if your innocent feel free to fight back we'll gladly help you , but if your NOT innocent then we'll still help but prepare to get ur ass kick hahaha (take responsibility) ✦ Selling/Trading among members is allowed BUT strictly no borrowing of gears to avoid scams ... if you lend it then GIVE IT LOL ❅Final Remarks ❅ : ✦ You can pk others but never a guildmate ✦ You should always respect and be buddies with guildmates ✦ If u didnt like something , say so in a good manner so we can sort things out - if u hide it we wont know it lol ✦ Keep your promises ✦ Be there for others so that they will also be there for you Some of us weird and leader want to sell your kidneys BUT as long as your TRUE and show RESPECT you'll fit right in !! be part of our small ever growing family ~ and live in the moment !! Motto : Just play whenever u can and do anythings that's fun ~ Enjoy NO stress YOLO !!
  4. Recently I saw that less and less people hunt MVPs, also cards are getting cheaper, so there is less and less sense and fun in hunting regular MVPs. What is more, some MVPs are never hunted, because their cards does not have any interesting effect and they do not drop any stuff that is relevant for quests. In order to make more fun of MVPs hunting and make more people doing this I would add a small chance (1% or 0.5%) for every regular MVP to drop "MVP Lootbox". This will encourage much more people to hunt MVPs and make it much more fun. Also, MVPs that people are currently not interested in, will also become target for hunters!
  5. For the following cards: Ghostring, Angeling, Moonlight Flower, Dracula, Pharaoh, Dark Priest, Maya Purple, Amon Ra, Samurai Spector, Lord Knight, Mastersmith, High Priest, White Lady, Vesper, Atroce or is there a general formula between tokens and zeny? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey there, guys. I'm new here and I don't know if it's a known issue that sinx keeps missing every hit on any MVP I try. I was wondering if a Phreeoni would help, but a friend of mine made the legendary weapon on his Sacer and put a Phreeoni on, still he gets the same issue as me. Can anyone enlighten us on this, please? Thanks!
  7. Hi, Im Here To Check How Much It Cost For : Kiel Gloom Hollowrig T.General Using Token Or Is It Better For Me To Donate??
  8. ^_^ ​Recruiting Active Farmers and People that just want to chill ^_^ :th_gawi: - Guild Leader is : Gandolf The Great - Looking for ACTIVE guild member's - Farmers and social peoples xD - - New Comers Welcomed - Guild Spot - @go 3- - Monster vs Guild events, Weekly salary, and WoE will be discussed if it is something we want to do. (Woe salary and supplies will be separate from the farmers salary). :th_ph: If you are new and want a starter guild this is the one! We will help you from the nub you are today to a pvp animal, emperium breaking sinx, or a no life farmer like most of us are xD. :th_ph: Discount on donated items (feel free to ask questions I encourage it) Leave IGN here or look for us at guild spot for an invite! :th_thx:
  9. You can leave offer IN ZENY here, or you can message me IGN : PriankaBayuPutra If I'm not replying your message, then I still in AFK mode haha Thanks a lot :D
  10. B> ESSENCE OF FIRE (OFFER) S> 3 pcs turtle general card[35] and 20 pcs pumpkin king cake [5:1] IGN: 20 PESOS / got problems? / the lucky hero
  11. illaidan1

    for sale

    MVP Cards: 1 doppelganger(50m) 1 dragoon warlord(8 toks) 8 maya purple (50m) 1 maya(15 toks) 1 evil snake lord(150m) 1 high priest card(25 toks) 1 turtle general card 1 cursed sniper rune Legendary weapon / items / tokens: Legendary Loki's Infernal Dagger (20 toks) Laughing PooPoo Hat(45 toks) 9 Mini-game Tokens(offer) 6 cloud essence(2 toks each) 4 spiritual whisper(8 toks) 30 dew of yggdrasil(2:1) 2 vitality belts(140) 1 dragonist coin(10) 6 breath of spirit(1:8) 4 dragon breath cocktail(1:6) Farming services (pm the item and the offer for the item, if i agree then it would be in your hands depending on the spawn rate of the monster) IGN: duke of hazzard / got problems? / 20 PESOS
  12. We are recruiting new players and non donation players, we farm and grind a together, any question just go 8 or pm me Sentinel Singed
  13. Hear ye, Hear ye This hard working peasant *Ahem* i mean farmer is selling valuable or rather pointless stuff if you're rather interested on purchasing even one merchandise PM - Antelope, a self proclaimed farm master who makes zero profit out of anything. Today's Special Daily Haul - Vesper card [25] normally i'd charge this card for 35 but since i stole the kill from a noob and its guilt tripping me Hero Remains x7 [65] would you like to buy it at its original price which is 70? Cloud Essence [3] idk if this is still valuable but i collected a bunch of it idk y... Damp of Darkness [3] no discription were made Antelope the Desperate Odd job taker notice I charge 10 toks for each item you want me to collect not that i'm desperate or anything 5 toks for leeching or if you beg really hard i might get annoyed and let you leech for free I won't always be online so why did i even bother post this odd job notice....
  14. I just gat my MLF card and i equiped fast away cause really wanted the movement speed buff and i dont see any differents? im using a sniper class, it works on that class or the card is not working at all?
  15. Hi, I'm an old RO player that finally have come back. I'm searching for an active social, pve, mvp and quest oriented guild In-game name: Goetz
  16. Need 1 High wizard card please PM me in game ! :th_ok: IGN: Common Wealth or Maxilla thank you^^
  17. Looking for a good guild to get rich with by hunting MvP and by events etc. PM me. Om Dalai Farmer , Om Dalai Lama , Om Dalai Merchant are my 3 chars..mainly on High wiz,can play other chars too.
  18. stuzz

    Mvping Gs?

    Hello there! I'm really new here. I would just want to ask if there is anyone out there who wants to share the build of their GS who can be an MVP easily? I mean stat requirement, weapon used, etc. I always get ks-ed when i'm going for a boss hunt. Your help is pretty much appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)
  19. This build are only for PVM and MVP. Also the second best option besides DEX/VIT/INT build gs. Stat: STR:1-50(bonus atk+weight)*each 5 str=1 atk* AGI:120-130(add dex, then agi*195aspd*) VIT:100(status immunity) INT:1(coz ur a crit gs) DEX:250-280(max damages) LUK:120-150(max critical rate, perfect dodge,bonus hit+atk) Equips:use grenade launcher(pierces mvp hard def), gatling gun, rifle, shotgun(3 cells splash damage) for better damage outputs) Head upper:Fking helm(2xGrand peco card) Head middle:Anything(Vanberk card) Head lower:Anything(Vanberk card/maya purple card/pharaoh card) Armor:Fking armor(Pecopeco card+ghostring card/tao gunka card/argiope card/high priest card) Weapon:eisa's ember/nari's harbinger/legendary shotgun(2xArcher skeleton card/2xDrosera card/2xTurtle general card/2xPhreeoni card/*baphomet card*) Garment:Fking cloak(2xGreen maiden card/Green maiden card+deviling card) Footgear:Fking shoe(2xGreen ferus card/firelock soldier card/general egnigem cenia card) Accessory:Anything(Ifrit card)+LUK gauntet/2x LUK gauntet/LUK gauntet+DEX gauntet *Grand peco+pecopeco combo effect: DEF+3, VIT+3* *Baphomet gave extra 9 cells splash melee/range+DEX-10 while auto-attack(ctrl+click) Enjoy, fellow gunslingers :th_e8:
  20. ​ Guild Leader: Lord Kimochii Co-Tanukis: Aime Elari -Eman- OneShotKill Ebichuman Guild Spot: @warp gonryun 44 17 Communication: Raidcall About Us Tanukis is a currently a guild that focuses on reaching as far as possible in the server whether it be in quests, levels, PvP, PvM, ET, or WoE. We want to explore the server to its fullest and everything it has to offer. Our focus is as a group rather than individual so it's not uncommon to see us waiting until the other person catches up in level, or going so far as creating alternate characters just so they have someone to party with. We share our knowledge of builds, quests, leveling spots and the like among each other to help progress. We're a very social guild so getting along with everyone is a must, we treat each other like family. We hope to see you be a part of our family too! What We Do In Tanukis we try to make everything a fun and socialble enviornment. In my eyes i belive we could do WoE, Gear up, Mvp and more together, However us being a new guild is our problem Come join us and the socail talking! How to Join In reality what would happen is you would ask one of the Co-tanuki's and you get!
  21. Anyone can help out our guild today, (via farming for items, money for the guild, recruiting, ect.) legitimately, I will reward them with an MVP or Mini boss card of their choosing. Be sure to report what you've accomplished to FangMoonwing and Viper Lyronic will ask what you would like. Offer goes on to 9 pm PT. Happy hunting to all.
  22. If there's a card that owns the award for most useless in FRO and prolly in other servers too out there, it would be Osiris'. An MVP. He's such a lonely guy, stuck inside a dark pyramid. Others would likely to just pass by the 4th level and continue on to the 6th aiming for the cozy Amon Ra. If only the effect of his forsaken card is changed, it could sprout a new life to both him and the interested hunters. Here's my suggestion: 5-10% chance of casting Resurrection to self when killed.OR 1-5% chance of casting Level 10 Heal to self when receiving Physical Damage or Magical Damage. HP -15/20%; HP regeneration -100%OR If you can think of a better one, post it in the comments below.I can hear him begging... Oh my... Osiris, The Lonely One...
  23. Hi guys!! I'm kind of new here and I just want to ask if there's a way to increase damage to MVPs (especially Shadow 3 types: Atroce & Incantation Samurai). Every time I hit Shadow 3 types, my only damage is 20 -_- My stats: Str: 300+98 Agi: enough for 195 ASPD Vit: 72 Int: 0 Dex: enough for 450 hit Luk: 0 I already did the quest for Forsaken Knight, Legendary Weapon and Str Gaunts but my gear doesn't have cards yet. Also, I'm not that rich so it would be better if you suggest low cost gears/cards xD Please help :( It takes me a lot of time to kill those MVPs because of my low damage -_- PS. I tried Abyssmal Knight card but it only increased my damage to 35. Thank you! :)
  24. m playing from last 3 months but nvr saw FBH, Gloom, Tao Seen GTB but before i kil someone kills me n den kill GTB thats saddest part we cant hunt for mvp as new /sob. GM do something that people cant kill each other on MVP maps and also for abyss_03 bcoz before making frnds we get enemies.. people do +1 if agree.
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