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Found 9 results

  1. mrferret

    I can't Login

    Is the server under maintenance? Cause I can't seem to login.
  2. Hello FRO !!! I'm Vinicius Demarque de Souza Pereira, I'm from Brazil, but relax, I'm not that Brazilian cheater, I do not like a bit of cheating, see the server information, I found it very interesting, I'm ready to relive the AERO era, my old server That I loved, without donation items, Balanced Quest, Missions, well I want to play FRO, I'm installing the installer offline now, for the information given by the server site, like player rooms vs player, translated by goglee translator, I'm a computer technician
  3. Hi there. Please tell me off if I've misunderstood the rules and posted this in the wrong place. I can assure you that I did read the rules, and that I mean no harm though. Ahem. It's a typical 'failed to connect to server' problem, but I have no idea what's causing it. I'm not really tech competent, but I'll describe what I did. First I torrented the All-in-one and tried running the FRO patch, and then clicked start because nothing happened. I could not log in. I then made an exception in the firewall and tried it again, but it still wouldn't work. Wondering if I was just misunderstanding things, I downloaded the small patch, overwrote things in the client, and still could not log in. I repeated with the 3rd job patch, and could not log in. I then once more overwrote the current files with the small patch and tried again to not avail. Finally, wondering whether there was something I was doing wrong with the patch (nothing had happened thus far when I opened the patch), I downloaded an older version of the patch files from the forum, here: http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/21835-manual-patch-guide/ and overwrote it. When I ran the patch, it patched just fine, but I still could not log in afterwards. So um, I'm at a loss. Anybody have any ideas? :X Edit: Oh! It's working!
  4. I have just finished downloaded the All-In-One package (without small installer at first) and tried to go into the game. Patch is working fine, login screen appeared but unable to login, says 'Unable to Connect to server'. Went through the installation guide only to realize I didn't install the game first. Downloaded the small installer and installed, then tried to go into the game using the patcher but yet unable to connect to server. Restarted modem/router, still didn't change a thing. Is there something that I've missed out? Please do help cause I can't wait to relive my childhood!
  5. In order to avoid all the questions in the shoutbox whether the server is available or not, it will be very positive if GM's can post a schedule containing the information of when the server will be under maintenance (lagged), applying new updates (down) or any special event that can affect the game performance. I know that this will force GM's to program some taks, but it will avoid player's confussion and we will know what's going on. Thanks.
  6. After having used the small patcher and followed the instructions to the letter, including trying to log in by launching from the fkenro.exe file, I still get the message- failed to connect to server when I try to play the game. I have tried at least 20 times tonight alone, does anyone have any ideas that can help me? Thanks in advance :)
  7. I realized that the latency of FRO in asia is pretty high. Around 200ms - 300ms. This is a really good sever I must say. As majority of the population are asians, I'm just asking, whether if it is possible, to have a server somewhere in South East Asia? Or some sort of software to reduce the terrible high latency? :T
  8. Hi Forsaken Players, iam really new here and want to PvP someday (WoE) included. I farmed the last Days iam here and was wondering if my short delay is "normal". So i pinged the Server with cmd, if u dont know what i mean: Press Windows Key + R and type cmd -> enter then u type <ping forsakenserver.net> there u will see how high/low your ping is. So i got 150ms Ping. Guess its high cause the Server is located in the USA and iam in Germany. To the Americans: How high is your Ping? To the European: Can we compete in PvP with this delay? PS: i really love the Server and like what i saw the last days(my first days), so great job to the Staff :) PSS: Searching for a progressive Guild :P (not to lazy to farm my stuff on own)
  9. Soo..yeah, i'm new to the server, i logged today, found this today. Look, i've been searching for a good game for 5 years, or 4, i don't remember. And i found videos of this cool server, and i liked it. So i guess i'm gonna play and have fun! I hope to make good friends and all. So yeah. I'm a 11 year old boy who likes to play games, friendly and all that. I love rock, pop. My favorite game is Chrono Trigger, a game from my "childhood" my parents (now divorced) played it with me. So..yeah,hi :)
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