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Found 35 results

  1. We are Kings yet to be Crowned ~ Let thy power prove that we are the TRUE KINGS !! Uncrowned Kings recruiting newbies @go 11 for invite ~ - We do MVP hunt - Give FARM jobs - Guide newbies give tips for those who's lost !! - Can solo Raids - Leader is retarded anything goes LOL - Guild Events (random) ღ RULES ღ : ✦ Respect others specially guildmates, other than that you can play however you want since want we wont force you to do anything , btw this includes sexual/abusive remarks lol (dont go overboard). ✦ Ask if you got questions and we'll answer ✦ Fights between members will be handled by officers/guild master ♡ ✦ Fights outside guild - if your innocent feel free to fight back we'll gladly help you , but if your NOT innocent then we'll still help but prepare to get ur ass kick hahaha (take responsibility) ✦ Selling/Trading among members is allowed BUT strictly no borrowing of gears to avoid scams ... if you lend it then GIVE IT LOL ❅Final Remarks ❅ : ✦ You can pk others but never a guildmate ✦ You should always respect and be buddies with guildmates ✦ If u didnt like something , say so in a good manner so we can sort things out - if u hide it we wont know it lol ✦ Keep your promises ✦ Be there for others so that they will also be there for you Some of us weird and leader want to sell your kidneys BUT as long as your TRUE and show RESPECT you'll fit right in !! be part of our small ever growing family ~ and live in the moment !! Motto : Just play whenever u can and do anythings that's fun ~ Enjoy NO stress YOLO !!
  2. GUILD MEMBER OF THE MONTH: GURKAK Gurkak carried us to win the GVG Event on Valentine's Day! Good job, Gurkak! We love you!!! Being one of the strongest and most active guilds in Forsaken RO, Squad Goal revels in PVP and the War of Emperium. It enjoys healthy competition from rival guilds Amicitia, The Pepe Squad, Apprentice, and Warsong. It is based in Payon and is led by its guild leader, Superb Nova. We are currently looking to increase our membership and we want YOU to be a part of our team. If you are interested to join the guild, read on. WE ARE URGENTLY LOOKING FOR PALADINs, CHAMPS, PROFs and WIZZIES.. Those interested to join are required to: 1. have reached max level 255/255. 2. have decent gears – decent enough to last long inside the castles. 3. have no affiliations whatsoever with any other guild. 4. at least be willing to use Discord If you think you meet these requirements, go to Payon (@go 3) and talk to the guild leader. Note: Do not ask to be invited during WOE as you will not be entertained because the Guild cannot verify the veracity of the information you are giving. I don't know but for some reason, there's this trend in our save point to maintain a certain formation of our characters. and sometimes, you'll see some of us do weird poses like these: Then there's WOE........ and salary is given after WOE...... We don't usually die, but when we do, we die TOGETHER. -- work in progress -- Superb Nova | Daphne Blake | Death_N0TE | Skambertz Vinsmoke | Sniper Gemini Yonji Vinsmoke | MeloO | Deceptive | Jalliah | Kropek | Jacke | Niby | Devilish August | Sura_Champ | Rockafellaz [Arc]Zirexus | Musashi | Reduxx | Sweet Potate | Lexaine | Michealmichers Reiju Vinsmoke | Tarzan | siLva | Satyr | Dab | Jroa | Nob Ho Lee Fuk | Snipe Dane | Gurkak | Smirnoff | Audacious | Uraineum and of course, the extremely good looking, Poka Belle
  3. Warsong Photoshoot After Asian Woe :D i'm so happy i joined this guild a year and a half ago.
  4. Hi im a very active player and i will like a to join a guild that is very active and help me grow and learn, i have been mvp hunting a lot and i have recolected couple of greats cards an equips, i just need to learn how to use another class then my sniper :)
  5. Fractals About Us At the moment we are mostly just what remains of The Usual Suspects after our leader, Xiven, mysteriously vanished. Many of us are veterans of Ragnarok though we do have plenty of new players as well. We have mostly been farming, questing, and hunting MVP's together. We are currently waiting to have more members and to gear up any people who need it before we start heavily competing in GvG events and, of course, WoE. What We Have to Offer A friendly, yet competitive environment An active and very effective MVP hunting team that uses a great tracker Invaluable WoE-based tips and tricks Any kind of help you need with your character, farming, and anything else A personalized Forum as well as a Raidcall where most of us are on every time we are logged in Requirements You must be level 255/255 (it won’t take you all day). You don’t have to have the best gear possible to join us, and I especially don’t care if you are a newbie since everyone else here started from scratch. We give priority to knowledge and skill over equipment here. Be mature in every situation to the best of your ability. Goofing around and making jokes is absolutely okay, buy as long as it’s kept to its place. Just don’t be the kid that starts up a fight and wants everyone else to back him up because he can’t handle it on his own. Teamwork mentality. Always consider if something you have can help someone else even more. Are there skills or certain builds that you’re not using that would work better with someone who can help back you up? Think of the best way to perform as a team, not just as an individual. If someone asks a question, wants to talk, and you are available then please respond. Don’t be a brick wall. Contacts We don’t have some stupid competition to get you in, nor do we put you through an ever-lasting interview process. If you feel that you are up for a challenge and an amazing journey alongside a great bunch of people, please feel free to contact ANY of the Fractals members as they can contact the people with invite privileges almost immediately. The IGN of my main character is W. W. Joerger so feel free to send me a message! However, if you are unable to reach any of us, the guild hangout is at @go 22 so feel free to drop by and ask anyone there. If that doesn’t work, please apply at our forums at www.fractals.forumotion.com Thank You
  6. I have played on many RO servers, but i have returned to this one since it was my favorite. i was in the military and didn't have any time for games. However, now that i am out, i have time to get back into RO. I remember the basics of the game, but i will admit i will need a refresher to get back on my feet. If there is an open guild looking for gamer, and isn't afraid to work with them, then I'd love to hear from them. i usually will be on the weekends and after 6PM m-f eastern us time
  7. Hello! I'm a new player and I'm looking for a guild! :D
  8. Welcome to Kazoku 家族 Kazoku 家族 - Social Gaming Community - Active Members - All Games Welcome to Kazoku 家族... Where social gaming is reborn.. Loading... |||||||||||||||||||||||||| 100% complete login: Kazoku 家族 password: reborn ... login succesful! ... Long ago the world of online video games was booming.. Family and friends were logging in, forming parties, exploring these different worlds together, everything was fine, but then it just changed. Everyone would rather play by themselves or kept a small group of family or real life friends, it was like a disease called "Random" had spread... Nowadays, you can't seem to find a good team in-game anymore, So... Kazoku 家族 was formed... A place where players could finally call home. ... ... ... Loading |||| 05% complete ... Kazoku 家族 Rules: Friendly NO drama Have fun Active Participate and Contribute We're a family! Make friends! Be Creative Respect all members Brotherhood Kazoku 家族 Goals: Become a strong family Help members Having a good time Become the best guild in any game/server Brotherhood Social leveling, MvP hunting, GvG, WoE, PvP Guild. Let's Play Together:) If you would like to join please sign up via our website at kazokuazo.enjin.com
  9. I've just started the game with 3 other friends and we want to form a guild but have no idea how... Please help!!
  10. Looking for a good guild to get rich with by hunting MvP and by events etc. PM me. Om Dalai Farmer , Om Dalai Lama , Om Dalai Merchant are my 3 chars..mainly on High wiz,can play other chars too.
  11. ​ Guild Leader: Lord Kimochii Co-Tanukis: Aime Elari -Eman- OneShotKill Ebichuman Guild Spot: @warp gonryun 44 17 Communication: Raidcall About Us Tanukis is a currently a guild that focuses on reaching as far as possible in the server whether it be in quests, levels, PvP, PvM, ET, or WoE. We want to explore the server to its fullest and everything it has to offer. Our focus is as a group rather than individual so it's not uncommon to see us waiting until the other person catches up in level, or going so far as creating alternate characters just so they have someone to party with. We share our knowledge of builds, quests, leveling spots and the like among each other to help progress. We're a very social guild so getting along with everyone is a must, we treat each other like family. We hope to see you be a part of our family too! What We Do In Tanukis we try to make everything a fun and socialble enviornment. In my eyes i belive we could do WoE, Gear up, Mvp and more together, However us being a new guild is our problem Come join us and the socail talking! How to Join In reality what would happen is you would ask one of the Co-tanuki's and you get!
  12. The Secret Service is at your service. For anyone who is in need of items, MVP cards, or needs help with a quest, The Secret Service is pleased to help. We will take up any request for free. I will be at Go 14 for request for anyone in need of help, or you can whisper me at FangMoonwing. We are pleased to serve you and hope to see you soon. Vice Chairwoman of The Secret Service, FangMoonwing
  13. The Secret Service is now recruiting new members, as members of The Secret Service, our job is to help out other players to the best of our ability and to have fun, we will also be taking part in WoE when we get enough people and good enough armor. Please pm FangMoonwing or Viper Lyronic for a request to join. Thank you for your time and we are happy to help. - FangMoonwing
  14. Anyone can help out our guild today, (via farming for items, money for the guild, recruiting, ect.) legitimately, I will reward them with an MVP or Mini boss card of their choosing. Be sure to report what you've accomplished to FangMoonwing and Viper Lyronic will ask what you would like. Offer goes on to 9 pm PT. Happy hunting to all.
  15. I just started 2 days ago but I'm well geared now doing at least 68k+ damage per hit Job: Sniper Type: FAS build IGN: iStarter
  16. ^photo aaaa
  17. Hello everyone! Since me and my friend are new in your server we are looking for a guild to recruit us! I'm afraid that we can not offer anything attractive to you 'cause we are newbies and first we need to learn (but is better learn with some friends, isn't it?) I've played RO before in other server years ago, though. We started playing ro because we want to have some fun, make friends and enjoy ragnarok end game. We mostly prefer Spanish speakers BUT we will be very thankful to any friendly guild who want us among them : ) PD: I'm a very happy girl, don't be afraid to talk : ( PD2: I'm sorry if my English made your eyes bleed.
  18. Hello ! ~ well im new here and im looking for a guild with spanish/latin people (but if there's no such guilds i will create a new one :D) more than 5 years experience in Ro, playing all kind of serv (LR, HR, SHR). Hope we have some fun! c: (my english is sooo poor, im sorry x'D)
  19. I was wondering if it is possible to increase the size of the personal storage from 600 to 1000 (or 800?) instead. AND then increase the Guild Storage from 1000 to... Lets say 1500? (or 1200?) What do you guys think? I do welcome comments and suggestions by new players and old players alike. I know it may seem pointless to some (but I would say farmers would probably understand more for the need of increased storage) lol or it may have some consequences later on. I apologize if this is a repost or it has been suggested previously.
  20. jesperp


    Hi! Me and my brother have been playing RO for a couple of years and we played on forsaken in early 2008 and recently came back! I main Creator and my brother Sniper [FAS], were both looking for an active english talking guild! Were both semi geared and were active sometime between 11:00-18:00 servertime and we can make time for WoE! :) Were looking for a guild with salery and active social players! :) Our in game names are Nantes [Creator] and JacksLe [sniper FAS] so pm us or reply here if this fits your guild! Thanks for replying!
  21. I'm new in the RO world so, I need a guild to help me be stronggg. Can someone plss help meee?
  22. Hi everyone my name is Ajeng, I play a baby priest on FRO now and am looking for friends and family on here. I love different headgears so I will be buying and hunting for lots of them! If you know any good/cute/fun headgears please tell me ! I followed the npc colors when I entered the town and was able to find the npcs to make a safe point and change jobs. The server is good, now I'd like to know the people! Want to talk/quest/hangout with me? post here!
  23. shironaito


    Welcome to MAD Forums NON-WOE GUILD We dont offer Salary, We support players Recruitment Status: [ON] Guild Info: Guild Leader: Twilight Chaser Guild Level: 50 Average Level of Guildsmen: 255 Territory: None Taken Currently Guild Hangout: @go11 (gonryun) _________________________ Description: Greetings everyone! We are new Forsaken RO Guild called MAD in need of dedicated and loyal members especially newbies GEARED or NOT. For now we are focused on helping each other in terms of Leveling, MVP Hunt, Farming, Guiding Newbies on quests and specially Gearing Up. :th_no1: About MAD: The Guild name was originated from "u mad bro?" **with the trollface :th_heh: .. MAD is dedicated to all MAD PLAYERS out there who are willing to help others specially the newbies, All players are welcome to join (with or without experience). What to expect from us: Expect us to support you of what you need on leveling and gearing. Expect us doing a lot of preparation. We are newly founded guild. Expect us to help you in making a much better character in terms of level and equips, but your effort too is much appreciated. What we expect from YOU: We expect you to communicate with us. its the key into being an organized guild, AND ITS A MUST! We expect you to be active. We understand if sometimes you can't make it. But please let us know if you can't. We expect you to be nice and friendly to our guildmates and to our co-players. DO NOT BEG SPAM or SCAM _________________________ IF YOU WANT TO JOIN: kindly leave comments below or personal message me or one of my officers [inGame] MAD Elite Line Up: <~ Estoryahee ~> †I'am BaD† Luna Windwalker Jaaaaaa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NEWBIE USEFUL GUIDES: Q.Hello guys? I'm new here what should i do? :th_ew: A.Learn Basics Pal :th_e9: Ragnarok/fRO Commands: http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?app=ccs&module=pages&section=pages&id=1&record=27 Q. Where is Kafra? Where is the Jobchanger?.. HELP ! :th_e33: fRO warp guide: https://forsaken-ro.net/getting-started/fcity/ Q.After reaching cap level (255/255) ... what now ? :th_hmm: Forsaken RO Knight Quest: http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?app=ccs&module=pages&section=pages&id=1&record=36 Forsaken RO Legendary Weapon: http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?app=ccs&module=pages&section=pages&id=1&record=134 Forsaken RO Legendary Gauntlets: http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?app=ccs&module=pages&section=pages&id=1&record=131 Gearing Up: https://forsaken-ro.net/getting-started/gearing-up/ Farming Guide: http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=29110#entry311168 Tokens and Zeny: https://forsaken-ro.net/getting-started/tokens-and-zeny/ How to VOTE: https://forsaken-ro.net/cp/ Useful Pages/Your Best Buddy while playing :th_ok: RAGNAROK RATE MY SERVER: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=misc_table_exp&op=19 Forsaken RO WIKI: http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?app=ccs&module=pages&section=pages&id=3 fRO FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/pages/ForsakenRO/118335328206479?fref=ts MAD FACEBOOK GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/274176576110136/?fref=ts ************************************** WE ASK NOT THE SAME DAY OF BIRTH, BUT WE SEEK TO DIE TOGETHER Thanks for droppin' by.. I hope to see ya INGAME Cheers, :th_swt3: Twilight Chaser :th_swt3: [Elemental Stalker]
  24. Hey guys, I'm searching for a german guild cause its not the best thing to write english all day long. =D I'm 20 years old and want a guild to have fun or later for WOE when i got my equip. =) Write here or PM me ingame if you want. (Shorex, |\Shorex/|)
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