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  1. Welcome to Kazoku 家族 Kazoku 家族 - Social Gaming Community - Active Members - All Games Welcome to Kazoku 家族... Where social gaming is reborn.. Loading... |||||||||||||||||||||||||| 100% complete login: Kazoku 家族 password: reborn ... login succesful! ... Long ago the world of online video games was booming.. Family and friends were logging in, forming parties, exploring these different worlds together, everything was fine, but then it just changed. Everyone would rather play by themselves or kept a small group of family or real life friends, it was like a disease called "Random" had spread... Nowadays, you can't seem to find a good team in-game anymore, So... Kazoku 家族 was formed... A place where players could finally call home. ... ... ... Loading |||| 05% complete ... Kazoku 家族 Rules: Friendly NO drama Have fun Active Participate and Contribute We're a family! Make friends! Be Creative Respect all members Brotherhood Kazoku 家族 Goals: Become a strong family Help members Having a good time Become the best guild in any game/server Brotherhood Social leveling, MvP hunting, GvG, WoE, PvP Guild. Let's Play Together:) If you would like to join please sign up via our website at kazokuazo.enjin.com
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