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  1. Is it normal that I get Dragon Egg Loots when I killed a Lost Dragon? D':

    1. -Si-


      The Lost Dragon likes to loot things on the ground, it may have looted the dragon egg loots.

    2. Aerofox


      So he basically laid an egg and he looted the egg. wth

      Ontopic, just like -Si- said, the Lost Dragon is a looter mob, so it can loot the loots around, even a player's skull.

    3. Kruxoe


      thanks for the info!! :)

  2. Heh, I'll take that as a compliment ^^".
  3. Just opened a signature shop :)

    1. thePast
    2. henry4563


      What service do you provide?

    3. Kruxoe


      signatures, avatars, emblems, banners, I can also make other custom stuff. Take a look at my thread :)

  4. Thank you very much! Does anyone know if there's anything I can sell that's worth a few million zenies???
  5. Kruxoe

    This Or That?

    bills bills bills! have a naked picture of yourself on a billboard or pooping yourself everytime you're in public
  6. Thank you guys! I actually could use a bit of enlightenment on some questions I have: > Is there a way to get "good" (relatively good) weapons and accessories and armors quickly? I hear stuff about Legendary and Elite but I have no idea how to get anything!! > Does the @alootid command only allow you to loot a single item?
  7. Hi I'm Jay. I'm new to Forsaken RO. I played Ragnarök online a few years ago and know I wanna re-live these "good" moments. stuff about me: Canadian; of vietnamese descent; wants to be an architect and do graphic design on the side; French, Vietnamese, English; tumblr (would luv some new followers hihi); deviantart (would luv some new watchers hihi); mangas currently reading: Witch Hunter, Fairy Tail last movie watched: Stuck in Love stuff i like to do: photoshop, tumblr, eat, watch stuff, play stuff, my characters in-game: Kruxoe (255/255 High Wizard) Dowry (255/255 Sniper) Bixlow (255/2xx Assassin Cross) Prince Tsunami (1/1 novice) Prince Crash (1/1 novice) alright see you In game! would love to make new friends hihihi
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