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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! Since me and my friend are new in your server we are looking for a guild to recruit us! I'm afraid that we can not offer anything attractive to you 'cause we are newbies and first we need to learn (but is better learn with some friends, isn't it?) I've played RO before in other server years ago, though. We started playing ro because we want to have some fun, make friends and enjoy ragnarok end game. We mostly prefer Spanish speakers BUT we will be very thankful to any friendly guild who want us among them : ) PD: I'm a very happy girl, don't be afraid to talk : ( PD2: I'm sorry if my English made your eyes bleed.
  2. jesperp


    Hi! Me and my brother have been playing RO for a couple of years and we played on forsaken in early 2008 and recently came back! I main Creator and my brother Sniper [FAS], were both looking for an active english talking guild! Were both semi geared and were active sometime between 11:00-18:00 servertime and we can make time for WoE! :) Were looking for a guild with salery and active social players! :) Our in game names are Nantes [Creator] and JacksLe [sniper FAS] so pm us or reply here if this fits your guild! Thanks for replying!
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