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Hi ~ i'll be giving a short/long guide for future newbies of fRO to help them know their ways around the server 
For starters as you know fRO is a high-rate server (for first time RO players it means your very OP - can lvl up quick - Godmode - can hunt almost everything).
Ideally make a farmer (wiz/sniper) aside from ur main char to make it easier along the way since most likely some quest requires a lot of materials to be farmed.
Either your a free to play or pay to win player ... it doesn't matter in the game since you'll still be able to go toe-to-toe with top players given time & effort.


By the way if your having technical issues in playing fRO ... don't want you guys to miss out on the fun !! click on the link !! ~ might solve your issues XD




As of the lastest update (make sure to patch your fRO) you may now enjoy this OP freebie headgear !!
P.S sorry my bad editing skills hahaha



So we also have a lot of Custom Item/Cards aside from the normal RO stuffs that makes the server unique in its own way make sure to explore like the following links

Custom Cards:

Custom Items :



Basic Info :

Main City : Forsaken City (go 25)
Job changer : Located in Fcity 
@warp fcity 85 135
Set Up : Highrate Pre-Renewal - only trans no 3rd jobs
Max Level : 255/255 - base/job lvl
Max Stats : 300 
Max Aspd : 195
No Cast : 150 dex
No Cooldown (unli spam) : Equip 3 Kiel Mvp card (headgear)
Refining & Decarding : 100% success rate (will not fail/break)  

     *NOTE : When decarding make sure u got enough space on inventory/bag or it'll drop on floor

TIP : Best map to lvl up fast is
@warp for_fild06 ... will be a lot faster if you can find someone to boost you



Common Commands used though if u want a complete list use @command & /help
@warp/@go          - @warp for warping to fields & dungeons though @go usually for towns only
@ali/@autoloot      - ali loot 1 item / autoloot all items that can fit ur inventory/bag
@whodrops           - shows what monster drop certain items (useful for hunting)
@whereis              - shows you where u can find a certain monster (useful for hunting)

TIP : can use shortcut [alt+m] and edit for easier/faster application of commands



***As a Beginner doing the following will sure help u alot while exploring the game - path to Semi-Geared ***


❉ Forsaken Knight Quest ❉

- First Quest you probably need to do on ANY new character you make is called "Forsaken Knight Quest"
- Its like a pre-requisite quest that will let u do other fRO customed quest (if u not do this - NPC would prob
ignore u)
- It will also give you a free knight set [2] slotted that you can use temporarily (can also talk to newbie npc in Fcity for freebies)
- NPC location: 
@warp for_king 101 157

TIP : It also gives bonus stats whenever u talk to him everytime after resetting stats via kafra

LINK :  



After that you can focus on gearing up while exploring fRO 

❉ Legendary Weapon Quest ❉

- Best weapon for beginners , only 2nd to Donate weapons
- Take note that you get the corresponding weapon for your class depending on what job class did the quest (repeatable).
- To check different legendary weapon effect go to this link

     *NOTE : You only need to get 40m zenny ... the 100m zenny will be given by NPC 
     *NOTE : Roast Rice Cake &
Grilled Rice Cake  are the SAME item




❉ Legendary Gauntlet Quest ❉

- Best accessory for newbies that gives +35 stats [0] but no slot for each hand but still better than any normal [1] slot acce (except donate)
- Aside from this there's also +40 stats Forsaken Belt [0] (from Forsaken King room in Fcity) and donated accessory that gives +40 stats [1] slot .... but keep in mind for the quest - u
need to do it twice to get 2 accessories (its 1 per quest)
- NPC location :
@warp for_elite 65 102




❉ Vote Forsaken Armor Set ❉

- [2] slotted armor set easily obtained via vote with awesome set bonus that will surely help in stat balancing
- Compose of blue vote valkyrie helm, armor, shoes, cloak 
- You can vote
2x a day (every 12 hrs) via forsaken-ro.net/cp ... can vote for multiple accounts one at a time right after another is allowed
- To CLAIM vote items ... make sure u got sufficient vote points then on the left panel choose PURCHASE > choose item ADD TO CART > On top choose CHECK OUT > CONFIRM PURCHASE .... then you can claim it in-game via NPC (
@warp for_bar 247 300)
- Probably need
250 vote points to get vote set w/ shield

TIP : Color of Vote Valkyrie Helm can be changed in-game through NPC @warp for_elite 67 102 make sure decard


LINK : https://forsaken-ro.net/cp/ 


❉ Legendary Aura Quest (mid headgear) ❉ 

- Mid headgear that gives +20 all stats but with the latest update , it gives additional stats normally half of what Donate Aura got
- Donate aura of course is more powerful - has +20 all stats + additional cool effects like +mhp, +resistance, +atk/matk, +reflect etc ...

*NOTE : Some Aura like Emperium Aura can only be obtained via Events (GvG,BR) or Castle drop (WoE)


✦ Zodiac Aura

          New Stats : All Stats +20 , Physical damage +3%, MATK +3%, Vit def -5%, Max HP +3%

✦ Mythical Flame Aura 

          New Stats : All stats +20,Max HP + 3%, Add a 5% resistance against Water, Fire, Wind and Earth properties, Reduce damage taken from Neutral property by 3%. Reflect 2% of physical damage taken

✦ Lighthalzen Aura 

          New Stats : All stats +20, Maximum HP + 5%, Increase damage on Demi humans by 5%


✦ A few examples of other Quest/Event/Vote Auras that you can find in-game that also has the New Legendary Aura Stats as of 01/30/19 :







✦ Other Quests that you might want to try :
 - https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/wiki/quests/headgear-quests/
 - https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/wiki/quests/misc-quests/
 - https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/31648-legendary-quests/?tab=comments#comment-332061




For Snipers & Gunslingers you need legendary ammo's to deal the best damage  :

✦ SNIPERS - u only need 1 pc of any arrow then it becomes UNLI , i suggest getting all elements for switching really convenient for raids


✦ GUNSLINGERS - u prob need 10 bullets each for some skill then it becomes UNLI , likewise u can get all elements though you'll mostly use this class for PvP and on some specific raids (ghost/shadow/fire/wind)


************************************************* BEFORE PROCEEDING *************************************************

Let me share some bonus info that might answer some of your other questions 


✦ Different Tokens you'll obtain in-game that's very useful 


✦ Different GM events that will spice up your day


✦ Silver MVP quest - are cards that gives 50% effect of the original card


✦ Safari Quest - Custom pets available for all !


✦ War of Emperium (WoE) - Battle with the strongest guilds prove ur strength !
                                                  - Chance to get Emperium Aura[1], Eids[1], Imperial Helm[1] that
only drops when u conquer a castle

     *NOTE :
Color you get varies depending on what castle you get the drop from



✦ Dr. Bones Quest            - Entrance to Pet Warehouse where u can buy Pet Accessories, food & taming items
                                              - Basic quest no guide needed (
1 step process)
                                              - NPC location :
@warp for_elite 111 58

✦ Casino                          - A place where u can exchange 1 Forsaken Tokens for 10 Casino Chips and a chance to win Jackpot prize of 1,000 Casino Chips
                                              - Can exchange casino chips to various supplies/foodbuffs or a chance to win random cool legendary headgears
                                              - NPC location :
@warp for_bar 249 133

✦ Bingo Room                  - A place to enjoy relaxing bingo with your friends need 5 person per round !! [NO REWARDS GIVEN ATM BUT FUNCTIONAL]
                                              - NPC location :
@warp que_bingo 46 29 - enter left portal to spectate & right portal to join bingo room

✦ Quest Room                   - Contains various NPC for different quest you can try when your bored ... some looks really cool too
                                              - NPC location :
@warp fcity 63 117

✦ Token Trader                - A place where u can trade ALL tokens for different items
                                              - It is also where the "renter"  NPC is located
                                              - NPC location :
@warp for_bar 252 300

✦ Forsaken King Room    - Room where you can buy Forsaken King set , Different Monster/Fairy wings - 100 tokens each
                                              - Thought for some cases you can buy it cheaper directly from player rather than via NPC
                                              - NPC location :
@warp for_bar 373 244



**************************************  SOME WAYS  TO EARN TOKENS FAST  **********************************

After getting the basic quest gears - you'll probably be Semi-geared and want to earn tokens for the next steps ahead ......
Now the next step to do would be is first to complete all your MVP cards that you need ...
Second would be is to reach out to the next level which is end-game contents (donate items - upgraded gears etc) ...



Here are a few ways to earn money in-game :

✦ Zenny Farming - you can hunt stone of sage (@ali 12040 - tha_t10) / treasure box (@ali 7444 - abyss_03) then sell it to NPC ... best job for farming would be wiz/sniper
                                 - can use
merchant (overprice skill)  to earn more zenny when selling to NPC
                                 - normal market price of zenny : ftokens at the moment is 500m zenny = 40 ftoks ... 1b : 80 toks

                                                                               ~~~ BONUS TIP ~~~
                                                                        ~~~ o ~~~
                                                                       credits to : @Yog

✦ Mvp Hunting     - hunt Mvps in their respective maps for a chance to get cards and sell it to players to tokens ... like Kiel sells for 40 toks and the rare ones like Sinx card & High wiz card sells for 100+ toks each
                                 - take note that during weekdays :
10% drop rate ... floating rates during weekends : 20% drop rate (doubled)
                                 - you can also sell some Mvp/boss drops that are very useful and in-demand for some quest ... like Essence of Fire (detale) sells for 200+ toks ... then some not so rare loot 5~10 toks ea
                                 - we also have customed  Mvp cards  [
https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/wiki/customs/cards/custom-mob-dropped-cards-r146/] and mini boss cards  thats sells pretty good like GR , Deviling etc ...
                                 - if your having trouble finding Mvps the normal way  We also have a Mvp Room that charges
60m per summon though you can only summon specific mvps like Kiel, TG, FBH
                                 - we also go a Thana Room, the only place that spawns thana that opens every 2 hrs ... game system will announces before it opens & when it opens ... 

     NPC location :
@warp for_bar 168 218

✦ Farming Service - getting hired by other players to farm materials (loots) for them and get paid with tokens
                                    - when farming normal loots ... rate is for every 1k pcs = 15~20 toks ... hard/rare/few mob loots are usually 1k  : 30~50 toks
                                    - can farm mini boss drops (needed for quest) sells for 3~5 toks per piece such as Chills of Death, Cloud Essence etc ...
                                    - mini bosses usually spawns every hr feel free check
 [http://ratemyserver.net/and compare

✦ Ticket Farming    - we have a ticket system in fRO from which 1 ticket = 100 pcs of an item (usually supplies) ... you can have them exchange via Ticket Manager @warp fcity 86 149
                                    - common supplies are Yggdrasil Seed/Berry, Concentrated speed pots, Curse Water, Full Chemical Potion, Enchant Deadly Poison, Aloevera etc ... 
                                    - selling rate varies depending on market demand ... Ex : 5 ygg seed tix = 1 forsaken token
                                    - you can also rent "ticket pass" with tokens ... that will give you a ticket that will last 1~6 hrs that will take u into a custom map where u can farm specific supplies exclusively
rental ticket npc for "ticket pass" is located @warp for_bar 247 309

     TIP : Click the rental ticket to warp randomly in the map for faster farming (fly wing effect)

                                    - there is also a yggdrasil berry room accessible via quest to farm unli ygg berry (not rental)


✦ Raid Service      - some players hire raiders to help out in raids (side quest for storyline quests) and get paid with tokens
                                 - usual job classes needed are snipers/bio depending on what raid its gonna be
                                 - only for semi-geared players with experience/willing to learn since it got
1 hr time limit
                                 - there are different raids in the server ... some drops card , some drops quest items, and some dont
                                 - game system will always announce whenever a raid is open

     TIP : Best card set for Raiders are Forsaken Raider + Ghostring on armor ... Golden thief bug on shield ... 2 Deviling on cloak ... 1 Hyzoloist on acce (mobs inside raid have high hp ... this will help kill it quick


✦ Forbidden Rune - are customed runes that gives extra stats + mhp placed on accessories (substitute for cards)
                                  - sells for 160~180 tokens per set (2 pcs) ... repeatable quest
                                  - suitable for semi-geared players

     *NOTE : For first time makers ... u need to do the quest IN SEQUENCE till u reach the step for the stats you want ... when repeating u only need to do the step for making the rune itself no need to repeat from step1
             Ex 1 : I want to make Str runes and first time doing quest ... i need to do Step 1 > Step 3c
             Ex 2 : I want to make Str runes again but did the quest already once ... i just need to do Step 3c



******************************  GO BEYOND PLUS ULTRAAAAAAAA - UNITED STATES SMASHHHHHHH  *****************************

THATS MOSTLY ALL THE BASIC QUEST U NEED TO MATCH UP TO EVERYONE. Since basic gear is good enough to compete for MvP , PvP & Farming though for pvp if u wanna do more u prob need more end-game items. On that note I'll also share a few guides toward end-game contents which is mainly Storyline quest thats a bit harder and requires more time.

     *NOTE : This is for players who was able to explore enough on the server and is already semi-geared



❉ Friggs Shield Quest ❉

- Best Shield in the game that gives [1] slot +10% mhp , Str+ 5 , Vit+ 5 , Vit Def - 10% ... reduce damage taken from Demi-humans by 25% reflect 7% etc ...




❉ Upgrading Ring/Cape (lower headgear) quest ❉

- this probably one of the confusing part for majority in the game ... a short explanation would be is that ring/capes are the best lower headgear customed that gives additional damage + stats differently for every job ...
- there are
3 types of rings namely Blessed/Cursed/Guardian rings from which each gives a different effect that boost for a different skill for each job
- remember for every each type of ring ... it consist of diff variants  that make it look different but
has the same effect like the rest (ribbon, sword, ring, wings etc ...)
- take note that there is a non-donate (quest material) & donate version (tokenshop material) where as ND rings are usually 30% less powerful  than Donate rings

     Ex: Sniper Blessed     - boost double strafe
                    Cursed      - boost focused arrow strike
                    Guardian   - boost blitz & traps


     *NOTE : ALL Quest regarding rings have a sidequest to clear specific Raids. Raids are technically dungeons that spawns monster by waves from which the ultimate goal is to kill all within 1 hr to clear the Raid

Part I : 

Part II :

✦ Blessed 

✦ Cursed

✦ Guardian


To check different effects of diff rings check links BELOW :

✦ Blessed / Cursed Ring effects 

✦ Guardian Ring effects 




❉ Dragonist Armor ❉

upgraded version of Forsaken King armor that works with F. king set bonus (not vote) ... gives more stats and enables skills for specific jobs such as Guard or Mild Mind etc ...
- fueled by "fame" that can be obtained by killing other dragon knights or through specific raids such as black witch raid etc ...
- to use skill & fame must enable dragon's fury (can be turned off)
- NPC location :
@warp turbo_room 99 94
- DA effects check link [https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/wiki/customs/items/dragonist-armor-effects-r150/]



upgraded version of Donate Accessories (+40 stats [1] slot)
- Wolf Fang Accessory +45 stats, MDEF +15 when combined together (
pair) gives bonus stats Atk +10%, Matk +10%
- New Accessory Effects
 check link [




******************************  E N D ******************************

That's all from me for now hopefully this helps awoooooo

NOOB / KING - Uncrowned Kings



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UPDATED with latest update 1/30/19
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What a long a** thread ❤️ but is still useful rofl

Im not a kind of long pages reader.

Anyway i'll gave credits to it ❤️ 

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Please add 2 more jobs option for the zeny farming job section->>gunslinger(desperado type), sinX(MA/sbk type) :3~

thx in advance ❤️ 

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AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thanks guys ~  well sorry - it just became long all of a sudden for some reason ...... at least its all-in-one XD

If u find a newbie send the guide !! & give heads up its loooooooong looooooooooooooool

thanks @Ebisu
when i got time will try @niemono89

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On 7/7/2018 at 2:19 AM, gunxsword11 said:


As of the lastest update (make sure to patch your fRO) you may now enjoy this OP freebie headgear !!
P.S sorry my bad editing skills hahaha



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On 8/20/2018 at 12:15 PM, Crumbs said:

Omg. You are amazing. Thank you so much. ❤️❤️❤️ no words.


On 10/5/2018 at 1:09 PM, Estrella said:


THAAAAAAANKSSSSSSSS ~ now give me fries !!

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17 minutes ago, dochwfate said:

I'm new here. I see/read alot of broadcasts such as "T>Sniper C set = SA" What does Sniper C set and SA means?
I'm pretty confused. TIA


Sniper C set mean Sniper cursed set
SA mean Skull Aura

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