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  1. Kirin


    and windows defender always scanned GameGuard as virus since most GameGuard Scanned ur Apps/software running on background while u run the game..
  2. Kirin


    Yeah it should work since it only scanned any 3rd party apps like cheat engine/xRag... I think its not virus just Game data modifier... if u run any Cheat Apps to modified ForsakenRo game data. Gepard will force close ForsakenRo client and auto banned ur account
  3. Kirin


    After done restore Gepard.dll Refer link down below to Exclude Gepard.dll from being scanned by Windows Defender.. https://support.microsoft.com/en-my/help/4028485/windows-10-add-an-exclusion-to-windows-security
  4. Kirin


    Windows Defender Detect Gepard.dll as Virus cuz it scan ur background running apps in order to check any active injector running.
  5. Kirin


    Moon is mod.. 1st Open ur Windows Defender 2nd Check Latest Scan item/virus 3rd Click At Gepard.dll. 4th Click Allowed & Restore Item/apps
  6. yah thats only for suggestion since i wont be able to test that extra stuff if u find it too much just reduce the number since few class seems dead to me..
  7. Hi I have been using n testing few Divine HG n Lair MvP card. I Think we can boost some of them to improve some dead class build. Here is My Suggestion on some add on Divine HG stats. > Suggestion for the following Divine headgears: > Divine Grace > --Lord knight-- > SpearBoom Dmg 10% > -- Crusader -- > Increase Martyr's Reckoning by 10% > Increase Shield Chain by 10% > - Increase Gloria Domini 10% > Divine Instinct > -- Sniper -- > Increase Focused Arrow Strike by 10% > Increase Double strafe by 10% - in development > -
  8. How Dare u Exposing my hidden identity... i wont be able to catfish anymore...
  9. Woahhhhhhh Nice and Thanks to Gm Team for Releasing this awesome guide.. More Kambing Power
  10. Those new pvp ladder Aura will be Limited or Non Limited stats after claiming?
  11. You were right, I just failed my diet. TPBM Chubby Is not Fat!
  12. What would happen to all those Normal Donation aura on Tokenshop?? ROP, Zodiac, LHZ Price already drop to 500-700 toks if L.Emp Aura been add to FRo will those cheap Donation Aura become less wanted/useful? since those aura on donation shop only +20 all stats while L.Emp Aura +23 all stats/Ltd L.Emp +28 all stats? Sorry for my bad english.
  13. Make those ICE EMP untradeable plss so it wont ruin market price for WoE/GvG/BR EMP
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