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Found 21 results

  1. Hi everyone , I'm an old player of forsaken ragnarok online and been busy with things irl .. So, now I'm back and try to play this game .. Pardon, name is luke joseph or agung prasetyo. I am from Jakarta, Indonesia and is currently excited to be in this community and play together with new and old friends. Anyway, thank you for having me here. Have a pleasant day Get to know me from social media? Well, sure. Instagram: agungprasetyo3108 Twitter: agung3108
  2. Hello FRO !!! I'm Vinicius Demarque de Souza Pereira, I'm from Brazil, but relax, I'm not that Brazilian cheater, I do not like a bit of cheating, see the server information, I found it very interesting, I'm ready to relive the AERO era, my old server That I loved, without donation items, Balanced Quest, Missions, well I want to play FRO, I'm installing the installer offline now, for the information given by the server site, like player rooms vs player, translated by goglee translator, I'm a computer technician
  3. Hi everyone! I'm new in the server...pleased to be here and I hope to meet you guys in the game :D IGN: yanom
  4. Hello everyone! :)
  5. Hi! this is my first time playing Ragnarok. EVER! XD Haven't played the official too. I just got interested so I tried some private server. Any tips,tricks,guides or anything that would help me get start? haha. and what is the best job for a beginner like me? Thanks guys. :D
  6. Hello, My name is Mathias 23, from USA. I've been playing RO private servers for going on... 8 years now. I started on FaithRO, went to xileRO, then to RebirthRO. After about a 3 year hiatus i decided to give it another shot since its once of my favorite games. I just started playing yesterday, and already became a forsaken knight. Now the tedious grinding begins... and part of my introduction is to see how well the community is. I'll be almost pretty much every day for a few hours and am looking for a nice group of friends to play with and kindof take me under their wing. From what i remember it was always a WAY better experience to have some help and a friendly group of people. So if you would like, and it would be greatly appreciated, hit me up on here or in game. My main is a sniper called ProvedEvil. I really look forward to playing on this server maybe even donating a little bit and voting everyday!!! It was really nice meeting you all =) and i look forward to seeing you in game or talking to you out side. Remember i am an active player and love playing with real, sincere, and good hearted people <3. Sincerest regards, ProvedEvil
  7. ​ Guild Leader: Lord Kimochii Co-Tanukis: Aime Elari -Eman- OneShotKill Ebichuman Guild Spot: @warp gonryun 44 17 Communication: Raidcall About Us Tanukis is a currently a guild that focuses on reaching as far as possible in the server whether it be in quests, levels, PvP, PvM, ET, or WoE. We want to explore the server to its fullest and everything it has to offer. Our focus is as a group rather than individual so it's not uncommon to see us waiting until the other person catches up in level, or going so far as creating alternate characters just so they have someone to party with. We share our knowledge of builds, quests, leveling spots and the like among each other to help progress. We're a very social guild so getting along with everyone is a must, we treat each other like family. We hope to see you be a part of our family too! What We Do In Tanukis we try to make everything a fun and socialble enviornment. In my eyes i belive we could do WoE, Gear up, Mvp and more together, However us being a new guild is our problem Come join us and the socail talking! How to Join In reality what would happen is you would ask one of the Co-tanuki's and you get!
  8. Hello~ Good People!! Nice to meet you all!! Lookin' Forward to play in this server :th_ok: My Name is Ruth! My main IGN is Ruthella~ :th_e5: Just started playing a few weeks ago! I've joined a GREAT Guild, loads of friendly people and very helpful too!! But I'm not the type of person that limits friends~ Sooo Give me a whisps when you're online! :th_blush: I'm open to Suggestions on Bio Builds, since i'm not to familliar with it. :th_swt3: :th_wink: Soo~ Taa taa for now peeps :th_kis:
  9. MASSIVE FREE LEECHING PARTY TOMORROW BE ON THE LOOK OUT I will be broadcasting a free leeching party that will meet up in @go 10 sometime tomorrow - For new players looking to start up quick or experienced players wanting to create a new character - - IGN: Gandolf The Great :th_thx:
  10. Well, I have some event suggestions before, and here are my new ideas ;) Burn in Hell Event Parasyte Event Wedding Disaster Event Spam Event Attack on Titans Event Horror House Event
  11. If there's a card that owns the award for most useless in FRO and prolly in other servers too out there, it would be Osiris'. An MVP. He's such a lonely guy, stuck inside a dark pyramid. Others would likely to just pass by the 4th level and continue on to the 6th aiming for the cozy Amon Ra. If only the effect of his forsaken card is changed, it could sprout a new life to both him and the interested hunters. Here's my suggestion: 5-10% chance of casting Resurrection to self when killed.OR 1-5% chance of casting Level 10 Heal to self when receiving Physical Damage or Magical Damage. HP -15/20%; HP regeneration -100%OR If you can think of a better one, post it in the comments below.I can hear him begging... Oh my... Osiris, The Lonely One...
  12. Im new here i play in other server but boring me and i want make something new so i hope enjoy this server and hello to all there :th_ok:
  13. Hi Gm,, Hope you read this. My suggetion to the safari! i been there always, and noticed that its a bit messed for 5 etoks, etoks are hard to get, buying from another character take time, (it even took me 2 weeks just to get that 5 Event tokens) so my suggetions in the safari are: Put the MVP such as(and their correspoding spawn time) : Baphomet (4hours) Dark Lord (4hours) Death Lord or Lord of Death (4hours) Maya (2hours) RSX (4hours) Fallen Bishop (4hours) Kiel D-1 (4hours) Tao Gunka (2hours) Orc Lord (2Hours) also i Suggest that all mvp inside have a card drop rate at 3% (cannot be affected by floating rate at weekends). For "Thanatos" i suggest 0.01% card drop rate(not be affected by floating rate at weekends). i reccomed to remove the mini boss in the undead map, which is the "ghostring". "Moonlight" should also have some drop and be set to MVP that spawn Every 2 hours. "Mistress" is fine. but i suggest that changing its spawn time every 3mins will do. "Goipinch" "bacsojin or White Lade' should also contain some drop item cause its a MVP. Kafra in the entrance should have a warp access through other maps so its easy to access all maps without walking,(you can walk if your hunting but what if your in map1 and you want monster from map3 its a long walking thing to do). Put the "Atroce" back i suggest that it will spawn every 4 hours. I suggest that Lord Knight Seyren, WhiteSmith Howard,High WizardKatrhyn Keyron,Edga,Maya Purple and Kluttanux remain as it is. i want to raise the Entrance fee to 10toks cause of the things i stated above. also there are some monster that dont drop items like the lesvka, pimianette, Thats all GMs. I hope Safari will get some renovation so people will enjoy using it like me, and become more exciting.
  14. Hi im kinda new to this forum thing because I was never really active posting on the forums :) Looking for friends+guild for woe/gvg/br please denk u!!!! ;^)
  15. Since its a New Year. I know this year will be full of BEST updates~!
  16. Hi Everyone, I'm Troy and a newbie in FRO. My Id is Tycoon a 255 Wiz, but gets pounded in pvp lololol but anyway, i hope to meet a lot new friends!! Happy Playing!! :D :D :D
  17. Hi, i'm new in the server and i'm looking for a european guild, if possible who make woe.
  18. Hellos people, my name is Cristian im Dominican & i have an eternity without playing ro (7 Years to be exact) just want to fing a good guild and friends, since i have a lot of time free now i just want to give this a try again hope to see you ingame guys,later il give you the name of my Char if any dominican guild in tha house hit me up :) see you soon
  19. Jaden


    Hi! my name is Jaden! i'm looking for private RO for a weeks. and i saw my friend's post in facebook named oslec. i hope this server will be great :)) i expect alot from this server since he told me that this server is good. already tried some private server. but some new server i tried are already down. btw i'm downloading the patch right now. hehehe. so i haven't see the server! :)) see you guys in the game! :
  20. Soo..yeah, i'm new to the server, i logged today, found this today. Look, i've been searching for a good game for 5 years, or 4, i don't remember. And i found videos of this cool server, and i liked it. So i guess i'm gonna play and have fun! I hope to make good friends and all. So yeah. I'm a 11 year old boy who likes to play games, friendly and all that. I love rock, pop. My favorite game is Chrono Trigger, a game from my "childhood" my parents (now divorced) played it with me. So..yeah,hi :)
  21. hi guys, im new here, i'm starting to download then game client. hope to see you guys in main town. :)
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