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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm new in the server...pleased to be here and I hope to meet you guys in the game :D IGN: yanom
  2. Hello there, I'm a returning player, done a lot of thing on FRO, I'm just starting again, I'm looking for a woe Guild as I am familiar on how woe works and I'l player any job that you want. If someone kind hearted wants too leech me, just pm me in-game lol IGN: Bon Clay, advance thanks. I'm an old player from OSFA guild. Kind regards,
  3. GREEEEEEEEETINGS TO ALL!! (You right now: SO PINK!) Sorry! its the color of the porings! There you go! My name its MistressKill, mostly known as MiKi! Others calls me the emperess of the Ings (porings,poporings, develings,etc) because i love them, buuut that's another story! Im a girl, yes, of uhh....an age? (between 16-20, if you win, you will have a chocolate!). From chile, very friendly and likes hugs! I used to play this game in 2008 i think? And i feel very...very....noob (? *laughs* Oppsie! My interests are drawing and writing stories, i am acually planifying a Ragnarok online story but since im a biiit shy with them aaand english its not my first language, im affraid to write it. I also love to Roleplay, yes, roleplay. But its hard to see roleplay in a server where are PK and likes to K.O me...ahahaha...*sweatdrops* Still hoping for a RP guild someday, but... Urgh. Lets continue! Other interest i have are anime and manga, and videogames of course. Fave Genre of videogames are MMORPG as i am actually playing Forsaken RO, Archeage and Rift. I also LOOVE music! And 'crack videos of anime', you know, those one that makes you laugh with scenes and all! ...No?...No? you d-dont get me?...oh...uhh...Oops NOW LETS GET TO MY RO BUSINESS! My favourite class that i play are high Priest, second one being High Wizard. The class i love most of the game but i dont know how to play it and i will always admire those players are the Assassin Cross one (i love them *heart*), following the champions! I have 3 characters right now who i also write abut them aand also RolePlay with them, but since i guess Roleplaying its not so popular here, then its not a bother, ehehe. Those are: SaikaTheCaster (Saika/ H. Wizard) *Crystal* (Crystal/ H. Priest) and RoseShot (Rose/ Gunslinger) for now, lots of them comming soon! Anyways, i think that's all from me that i can say now! Feel free to PM me or whatever if you wanna talk! See ya, Porings to all! *gives you porings and leaves* -MiKi.-
  4. Sup fRO community! Holy hell...it's been lightyears ago since I last logged in. I'm planning on making a comeback, but I just don't know when. Haha! I defo miss my old friends here and hope when I come online you guys are still active! (You know who you guys are!) ...and I wonder if I will be KS'd once I popped in on the fild. Haha! What's new?? What's new?? Who's the dominating and fierce guild now? :D Looking forward to hopefully seeing you guys soon! <3 xo, Laura (Alyxia/Laurabear)
  5. Hello again, Im not certain if anyone will remember me! But my name is Sammi, i used to play around 4 years ago i have recently come back to the server and hope to integrate myself once more! My main character is MemoriesOfLight (But i have forgotten the login info for the forums for that name) I'm very friendly and love to chat so if you see me about say hey don't be shy i don't bite (much ;]) This all feels very new to me again so much has changed on this server so any help would also be much appreciated as my character is very outdated haha! Im hope to be in the swing of things again soon! Anyway just a quick hello really !! HELLO!!
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