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  1. Well, since there are new Event Gm on the game etoks are now easy to gather,, so raising a bit is not much,, from 5etoks to maybe 10 etoks and still my suggetion didnt appear to be right,, still i suggest that all MVP monsters in the server include in the safari ,, so you can enjoy good pets, and everything include monsters that has no taming items, i agree with the warp thing,, yeah its not good to put it. but safari still need some renovation ^^
  2. Hello Im ,, making some changes instead of 20 etoks for entrance fee,, ill make it 35 to 40 etok since etoks is already easy to get..
  3. Hi Gm,, Hope you read this. My suggetion to the safari! i been there always, and noticed that its a bit messed for 5 etoks, etoks are hard to get, buying from another character take time, (it even took me 2 weeks just to get that 5 Event tokens) so my suggetions in the safari are: Put the MVP such as(and their correspoding spawn time) : Baphomet (4hours) Dark Lord (4hours) Death Lord or Lord of Death (4hours) Maya (2hours) RSX (4hours) Fallen Bishop (4hours) Kiel D-1 (4hours) Tao Gunka (2hours) Orc Lord (2Hours) also i Suggest that all mvp inside have a card drop rate at 3% (cann
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