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  1. Heres my entry: doesnt show up because my account is not still fixed cant delete old attachements https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=154531376389316&id=112746380567816 https://imgur.com/a/bylkOb0
  2. Can GM team upload/edit the missing NPC requirements for each Char?
  3. LF>GMs

    1. Genesis
    2. myaccount2015


      already fixed , i told my friend to pm you via discord

  4. just the custom mobs i think . the rest can be looked up at ratemyserver ?
  5. Not Newbie Friendly thats why i didnt add this XD 1,000 tokens for 1 go. although newbies can get an idea reading this
  6. Suggestion for Pori Pori event . can we make it like a GvG show down ? most killed mobs wins GVG tokens or other tokens ? Noone cares about pori pori event at all . Just to spice it up.
  7. Warping to fcity even after reset crashes :V

  8. Good Day heres a Cheap Guide for new players who wants to earn tokens Zeny - is a good way to start farming for Forsaken tokens Zeny Farming is quite easy , you can farm for treasure box from Gold Acidus @ali 7444 for treasure Box and then @warp abyss_03 use a Merchant Class to sell zeny to NPC and convert them to coins which can be sold 1B zeny goes for 70 tokens, 500 M goes for 35 tokens or use zeny to enter MVP Rooms 60 M per spawn (which i recommend you doing it during float rates which are during weekends **higher drop rate) You can also farm for Yggdrasil Seeds just warp t
  9. Hi to all granny's and grand pa's.

    miss the server cant wait to pllay again

    1. Ochibi


      Ohhh Xphynx weba

  10. Xphynx~Xphynx~Xphynx HI! HI! HI! :*
  11. Konichiwa [GM] Team, can we bring back the forum events? MSCs , Art Contests, Video Contests? Also ingame events are not more active . well i just came back in playing but seeing all the wall empty and moths fells sad. Events! Event! Events!
  12. Yatogami for President! "[GM] Yato" . ~xphynx haha
  13. [GM] Team can u add pet stats? Having a Pet alone for fashion is not enough. bring back pet stats specially the pets at safari but need atleast 2x their spawn times so everyone wont get one so easily . ~Xphynx
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