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  1. Heres my entry: doesnt show up because my account is not still fixed cant delete old attachements https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=154531376389316&id=112746380567816 https://imgur.com/a/bylkOb0
  2. Can GM team upload/edit the missing NPC requirements for each Char?
  3. LF>GMs

    1. Genesis
    2. myaccount2015


      already fixed , i told my friend to pm you via discord

  4. just the custom mobs i think . the rest can be looked up at ratemyserver ?
  5. Not Newbie Friendly thats why i didnt add this XD 1,000 tokens for 1 go. although newbies can get an idea reading this
  6. Suggestion for Pori Pori event . can we make it like a GvG show down ? most killed mobs wins GVG tokens or other tokens ? Noone cares about pori pori event at all . Just to spice it up.
  7. Warping to fcity even after reset crashes :V

  8. Good Day heres a Cheap Guide for new players who wants to earn tokens Zeny - is a good way to start farming for Forsaken tokens Zeny Farming is quite easy , you can farm for treasure box from Gold Acidus @ali 7444 for treasure Box and then @warp abyss_03 use a Merchant Class to sell zeny to NPC and convert them to coins which can be sold 1B zeny goes for 70 tokens, 500 M goes for 35 tokens or use zeny to enter MVP Rooms 60 M per spawn (which i recommend you doing it during float rates which are during weekends **higher drop rate) You can also farm for Yggdrasil Seeds just warp t
  9. Hi to all granny's and grand pa's.

    miss the server cant wait to pllay again

    1. Ochibi


      Ohhh Xphynx weba

  10. Xphynx~Xphynx~Xphynx HI! HI! HI! :*
  11. Konichiwa [GM] Team, can we bring back the forum events? MSCs , Art Contests, Video Contests? Also ingame events are not more active . well i just came back in playing but seeing all the wall empty and moths fells sad. Events! Event! Events!
  12. Yatogami for President! "[GM] Yato" . ~xphynx haha
  13. [GM] Team can u add pet stats? Having a Pet alone for fashion is not enough. bring back pet stats specially the pets at safari but need atleast 2x their spawn times so everyone wont get one so easily . ~Xphynx
  14. [GM]Team Disable Parties in for_pvp its PVP LADDER same as Last man standing so similar to what u call FEEDING if TEAM work is applied thanks
  15. in this event im about to request. its very similar to PVP ladder but instead of PVP its through MVP killing. through the end of the week the top 1 or top 3 gets their prices from an NCP or GM. BUT there are exceptions . Mini-boss and ktullanux are not to be counted as points these are way to fast to spawn specially Ktullanux, it spawns after death [infinitely] about the price lets make a poll ^^ would it be E.toks or a new kind of token? and How much for each ranker. What do you think? Leave you Comments and suggestions below . ^^ Ciao ~ Xphynx [Van]
  16. Getting ready for a wedding. [ohh her??? she's the bride's maid] [i don't know what I'm doing]
  17. hmmm i think its up to the GM team now . submit ticket or shout by the forums
  18. dont give up ^^ :th_ok: :th_ok: :th_no1: :th_no1:
  19. ohhh.. i suggest you redownload the game installer .. happend to me once . cos your DL might've been corupted
  20. “What is hell? Hell is oneself. Hell is alone, the other figures in it Merely projections. There is nothing to escape from And nothing to escape to. One is always alone.” ― T.S. Eliot Welcome to my abyss..... **Too bad there was no Ifrit :"(
  21. A place where no one is to be seen and no one is to be found. A place i live and wander, for i am the ghost that guards this place. [la la la, senseless? deal with it XD]
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