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  1. But I tested it; 120 base agi compared to 300 base agi, only 2 seconds added if 300 agi.. not much practical to add max agi then.
  2. Agi belts still adds effectiveness of slowgrace? or do we need base agi to make it more effective?
  3. I copied all the .dll files and the .ini into my fRO folder, and now the problem is solved. Thank you very much GM Danger, great help for me. /heh
  4. Here i will post my dinput.ini ; Configuration defaults for ROExt. ; Can be changed by client command line switches. ; All settings except CodePage use 0 for disable and 1 for enable. [ROExt] ; Allow mouse cursor to freely leave and enter RO window. ; Command line switch: -mf MouseFreedom =1 ; Remap 3-5'th mouse buttons, requires turned on MouseFreedom ; when KeyRemap is off: to F24-F22 ; when KeyRemap is on : to F3-F5 of next skill set ; Command line switch: -mb RemapMouseButtons =1 ; Remap closing RO from Alt+F4 to Alt+PrintScreen. ; Allow usi
  5. ; Allow mouse cursor to freely leave and enter RO window. ; Command line switch: -mf MouseFreedom =1 Thats the line, the same line with yours.
  6. Hi GM thanks for your reply, I can't find "dinput.dll" only the .ini.
  7. Hi fRO team, as soon as the gepard shield was implemented, I noticed something annoying. I can't move my mouse out of fRO window. I tried lots of tutorial to enable mouse freedom but it won't work. Is that really along with Gepard Shield or just a little bug? Please help me about this. Thanks!
  8. Whats the @ali of Raccoon Dolls? its kinda hard to check. Please help!
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