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  1. pm me ingame Graphiel Grey /thx
  2. Demon: Who summoned me here.......? Dark Wizard: Me.. the lady wanted to ask you a favor. ----- This is my enrty. Effects: 1. Berserk Potion - to achieve the reddish look with red slashes effects. 2. Firewall - The summoner wizard's firewall to create a peek of hell. *Best of luck to all*
  3. BUNGON is my favorite monster. I like his Hat.. I always wanted to wear that hat. I put some silly things on the Bungon; the text "Do not disturb" Bungon always wanted to be alone, he does not want to be distrurbed. But wait, where'd he took that Fire Arrow from? He wants to smoke cigar also, he thanked the sniper who sniped him using Fire Arrow, now he can use that arrow to light his cigar. /gg
  4. i am so depressed without woe today!
  5. New year, new life... new zombie friends.. Life drifts before us so we should live it to the fullest before our time on Earth runs out. Meet new friends, weird friends, cool friends, and different people. They would increase our experience in life by learning from them just like our characters increase EXP points by training hard.
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