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  1. For the 2nd point i didt really agree for 100%. reason for this if only KVm is open during BG. Not every one in this server able to play pvp. Mostly newbie will not able to ply in this kvm or if they are trying they will only ply the reduc class that are making the BG bored. 2) This kvm will be bored when u always keep on losing on the team and will eventually kill the mood player to participate on this kvm BG. This KVM is for the ppl that are ready with their gear or got skill enough to keep on pvp. If u said why not newbie participate? have ever u saw any newbie on PVP room or any for_fild0
  2. and to Add 1 more, In flav, when ever you are dead and meet the therapist or Storage NPC, there is time when you will be warped back in battle field in sec without even can open the storage, There is bug sometime. Please make it that you just click the Flag when ever you are ready and be warped to battle field.
  3. there is 3 item to look into in this BG 1) The time on 6-8PM SAT on sever time need to change. This is mostly because on that time asian time is 7-9am SUN. Lack of player during this time, making u need to wait 5-15 min on 1 game to start. I suggest it to change to another time when peak player online the better. 2) The flag on Flav need to change more like WOE flag. This is kinda annoying when u accidentally click the flag and warped to your base. This is the same when you need to take Flav token when the event is finished, if u miss click the flag u will warped out of the room and
  4. +1 to this also. On my thought if we got A Zeny to Token Trader. So if a newbie or non donater can do a hard farming to get zeny and later can exchange it to token at Token Zeny NPC. This can help a newbie or Non Donator to get token. This will eventually promote our server to a new player since they can obtain token without depend on demands. Demand i mean here is if they would go to farming item for ring or DA. They would depend on the buyer or other player to get token. IF there is no one player wanted to buy or such thing. They wont able to get token. IF there is Zeny > Token NPC they c
  5. Im totaly agree for both....Many Times alrdy post about it. But up until now got some ppl didt admit or still saying there is market nowdays with some reason without any suggesting on to make it better.
  6. The intention im open this Topic is for any suggestion or idea for making our market economy grow. As you can feel,currently our market is dying due for some reason. The reason is : 1) No people is buying or selling item 2) When there is seller, the item price is Over price 3) When there is seller, its hard to get buyer due to our lack of demand. 4) Not many people in this server currently playing. Its become 1 sided in mostly event woe,BR,GvG,pvp This is some reason that i come out with. You guys can feel free to add from the reason above. Now when we identify f
  7. Its nothing to do with the rich ppl to adjust to the poor. Its just to getting poor newcomer ppl to survived in this server. It will make this server grow with the new ppl that make this eco market grow when there is demand and selling market. When the server is filled with the newcomer and this newcomer is able to farm or survived in this server it will create a good demand and selling market as this server is growing the same as the ppl inside it. As u can see,currently all pvp,WOE,guild,GVG,BR is filled with an old player. There is low participation and not challenging as i can compare
  8. agree, GM should more focus on thinking about the newcomer to to survived instead of making a new OP update that will make only the geared and rich ppl more stronger and the weaker,poor ppl & farm hard will quit with currently eco.
  9. its will be the same result. A newbie come and when they found out its hard to get geared vs old player geared they will quit. in addition with currently eco, they will find it hard to farm and obtain token. Some middle gear even hard to buy and expensive. they will take a year just to get some middle gear with farm and eventually they will quit.
  10. +100K to this, I'm semi old player in this server, stop plying since the Dragon quest updated and come back recently. From what i have exp before, this sever is becoming doom as i expected. Before this, when u come to the for_fild u will enjoying a non stop pvp that make this server keep alive. But now people might come online to this sever only for WOE and some GVG & BR event. Other than that the sever keep remain silent. On the quest, its getting harder and expensive. It will make new player getting harder to get the same level as to he richer while getting unbalance and unstab
  11. Guys, Been wondering there is no SB six lately. This is more cause sb six easily killed from mostly atk. Been Wondering If bow GM can Make it 1 handed, why Sb kitty claw can't? so SB sinx can use with frigg to be more defensive from atk. Maybe there is good and bad at this. But GM can fix it to make more balance and fair to this class. If u think its Good and Bad please Comment. Sure Gm can make something to liven up this class for pvp. XD
  12. just make the ppl whoever hit another ppl got delay in warping and those who are nt hitting bt being hit by ppl stil cn warp able without delay. this cn fix to whose that always warp in then spamming then warping again :) those ppl whose always farming at for_fild01 cn warping without problem with this for those newbie or farmer :)
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