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  1. I just came back recently from a month or two of hiatus, I've noticed the massive decline in population. Dunno what happened but surprisingly, a lot of newbies came in as well. I think it would be untimely if we gonna put more stuff into the game such as this suggestion. Even the average players are having hard time to catch up in getting decent gears, how much more these new comers. So i'm putting my suggestion on hold and let's just chill and relax. Let these newbies grow and we'll all move forward.
  2. I believe this would help you. It's a bit old but still useful. But if you goin hardcore, you've got to get your hands with the end game stuff. Priest G ring for lower, Priest Dragonist armor for armor and Blessed accessories.
  3. I'm pretty much sure this idea has been lurking in everyone's mind since the introduction of dragonist system. Is it about time to put our cloaks and boots to the next level? Problem is, firstly, cost. It will be veeeeryyy costly for an average player to fully complete this dragonist set, assuming the quest would be as hard as the dragonist armor. In most occasions, we need a lot of cloaks, shoes aren't much of a big deal, 1-2 boots are normally enough. Secondly, another uber big gap would probably arise between veterans and new comers that could lead to newbies giving up on catching up. Minor solution, better keep the proposed dragonist cloaks and boots a bit lowkey, i mean, not as op as dragonist armor stat wise. Keep the additional stats to the minimum, i know you guys can discern what would be the "minimum and yet worth it". As well as keeping the quest not so hard, dragonist armor should still be the hardest and most op-ed among the dragonist set. Cloaks and boots should be just minor upgrades. Now as an additional, you can add a small combo buff if you complete the dragonist set, meaning, armor, boots and cloak. This would make completing the full dragonist set worth pursuing. Piece by piece, dragonist cloak or boots would still work as part of king set, just like dragonist armor. Thoughts?
  4. +1 to buffing pouring card by combining 2 cards into 1 and adding more dmg increase to DS. With skoll being buffed, thana atks in general becomes lower because ppl normally defaults ray-skoll. Only 1 pouring card tho should be allowed, not stackable
  5. While it is so true that high ping players (including me with 200+ ping, 30 hops, what can you ask for? Lol.) are of disadvantaged when it comes to super fast paced pvp like fRO, i still find Gepard shield beneficial to our server. It's just that we prolly would have to tickle our wallets a bit to invest on legal stuff, such as macro keyboards or mice to be able to keep up. That's the only way to be "talented". Lulz. Sure it's still some form of "cheating" but not to the extent that it will badly mess the server. Let's admit it or not, server is "cleaner" post gepard. Not saying that it is cheat free, but just a bit cleaner than pre gepard.
  6. Sweet! Mystery solved. Thanks GM Ebisu for clarifying that.
  7. First with Tyr's. Next with L. shuriken. Check all the stats. Nothing has changed, but check the aspd. Dropped by 5. I don't know what affected the aspd.
  8. Bump bump. I still don't understand what affected the aspd.
  9. Bump. Anyone from developers? Or someone knowledgeable regarding the issue? Thanks.
  10. As per the description, stats of both weapons are just the same. In alt+A, there's no change in all stats when i switch. Except Atk, Def, and others that doesnt affect aspd. But to my surprise, aspd changes as well. Btw, im using Tyr Shuriken and Legendary Shuriken. Check their stats, nothing is related to aspd and as well as my cards on it.
  11. Hello, I observed upon switching between my valk weapon and l.weap of the same type, my aspd decreases by 5. As per each weapons description and testing, there's no stat difference between the 2 weapons (except the bonuses such as HP, dmg, etc.). So i assume its from the cards compounded on them. My valk weapon has 2xTG, Skell, and Thana while my l.weap has 2xLoD, Randgris, and Whitesmith. As far as i know none of those cards affects aspd. Am i missing something here? Thanks.
  12. 1. Quests and raids. 2. I like em emps. They too good aesthetically. Also the rings. 3. I also like the concept of Blessed/Cursed/Guardian build for each class. For me it's unique. 4. The donation system. Being a donator doesn't make you so op. You still have to grind and work for those end game tier items. 5. The concept of Legendary gears being at 70-80% of donation gears' power.
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