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  1. Other classes can use cards as redux cause they don’t need ifrit card for critical. (Alligator/errende rbecee) that’s why I suggest of the dmg be improved.
  2. Welp just my thought. Snipers new divine headgear should do the same damage as ships. -Saves ships headgear -Gives snipers a bit more of a balance considering their low damage compared to most other classes doing 90+k per hit. (Maybe more damage now with their new divine hgs) Change back skoll card effect or nerf it more so sniper b set may actually be useable. (25%?) Please increase damage to sniper b set. Hence no one plays it cause it’s damage is super low yet single target. Make pouring cards into one. And not stackable (dragon tail also) 20% but only 1 will work. What I thought was if a class is squshie then it should do heaps of damage more then other classes... just example.... ws class does good damage yet restiant to fire and tankie. Gunner g set does pretty good damage for tracker and spamable if you know the perfect set. Why not make b set almost the same.
  3. Slap. heuhue >:

    1. gunxsword11



  4. You loose something and gain something for a weakness. Squshies have ranged attacks but look around... everyone uses ranged attacks... so it doesn't even make sense why we should get a bonus for paying 12+k for a "god" item. Also snipers should do more damage. Just like gunners with basic gears already doing 70k shots. And why does WS class have pnuma skill? making sniper my fav. class ever so useless if we cant come to a agreement with a knock back skill that works. increase yes but 20 dex isnt much... you know this. just like sinx DA. there is STR also but also ATK cause it isnt powerfull enough. As for mystery box yea that helps but we are doing more then "gaining tokens" we are actually keeping the server alive.
  5. As a donator, I understand the frustration but thinking as the owner its a issue and problem. Its just the risk in being a donator. That is why I pick and choose my customers. Even if i loose some tokens here and there for 100% sales. Its the choice you have to choose. And now since the new vouchers are implemented should be that much of a hassle.
  6. Just a few things I thought about that could help... I suppose.. or wish was implemented. -Firstly. I am not a fan of these hula hoop Emps. This is something I wish I could get (picture) But instead of white add colors to it. Just the floating starts. Not all the other crap.(sorry for crappy picture.) ok now the real stuff.(plsplsplspls<3) -Body relocation skill should get stuck on traps for at least 3 seconds. Jumping around during woe makes it suck for us as snipers spending time to stop people from getting in. -Sniper DA. Can we have +10%atk just like the sinx DA? instead of 2x +10%hp 12-14k item should have some better perks.. -Allow snipers to have a magic skill for knock back out of pnuma like example. (level 4 Jupiter Tunder) -Allow fame to be traded as dragon coins for example, so we don't have to go and kill someone over and over again for points or wait an hour for 200 points. -Traps should be just like Arrows or Bullets(Legendary) So less weight for us "Squshie" classes. -Traps should be aloud to be placed under peoples feet, I mean its not op.. So we currently have to run past and place them and by then they are already on us. We are a ranged class we need distance. And then again everyone has ranged attack now... :\ Feel free to put your thoughts on this, Thank you for your time. PS. can i get a prize for top donator? if i am? :p Greatfully, Alex aka No Logic nab :( (soon to be pokemon master)
  7. Hello. I am finally a Fro.Form.Member. I am the newbie you know as No Logic. Hi to everybody. My name i go by is Alex. It isn't my real name. but yeh. I live in the united states of ermerca where i has guns and cocaine. gg Somewhere in california. I used to play other servers and was a ex gm from there till server died. I like my guns. thats one of them. Here is me at work on my day off.. PS im very ugly. so dont break ur screens with my face. gg
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