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  1. Hi Guys! I am terribly sorry to disappoint but this shop is close for now until I ever return to fRO again! I’m busy playing animal crossing and you can check out my insta here @c.aramilly and you can pm me there for out-of-game business ?. Thank you so much and pray hard that I’ll ever come back playing Ragnarok so I can continue making Siggys for you guys hahah! Love yalls ❤️
  2. how to handle the pressure of being viral? lolol

    1. Ebisu


      so popular :O ~ 

  3. Yo man thanks for the mention! Would probably bought this if I'm not inactive hahah.
  4. wtf dude HAHHAAH. -- Round Earth lmaoO Kill the entire cockroaches population or Kill the entire spider population
  5. True! Pancake any day any night! TPBM loves Baby Shark, the song
  6. Non-alcoholic. I have very low tolerance for alcohol ? Back Street Boys or Westlife
  7. wired, always stay connected ? broccoli or carrot
  8. False, not a fan of dragon ball XD TPBM prefers coffee over tea
  9. True but not exactly true cause she's back in my hometown ? TPBM is bored
  10. Thank you Estrella ❤️ ! Always welcome ❤️ It's open now miss !!! Hi Everyone!! Till now I've made 3 Orders in the span of 2 weeks! and have donated 180 Tokens for the newbies ? The shop will be open for another 3 slots until 21st December. Reserve yours now to get it before Christmas ~
  11. Thank you for the support ❤️❤️ Ok guys, I'll be free again after I finish Miss Ebi's order + 1 more kind sir ? . Closed till further notice. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT ❤️
  12. You're right. I do love fashion, cute stuff A LOT. But I'm sorry as much as I love the idea, I'm not really in for this haha. Except for the fact I have to spend more money, I'll explain myself why I'm not in for it. By having costumes covering your items, it means that I wouldn't be able to see what my opponents are wearing. Example someone is using a redux set, I wouldn't know that they're using redux and I'd just be wondering why are my attacks so low. So I'm probably the only one who's against this lmao. Just my opinion.
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