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  1. Hi... Some of you might have heard of me... And know that I'm still quite new to this server... When I first started playing this server... I was PKed a lot... Some other time I was scammed just because I didnt know the market price in game yet... But one faithful day... Someone from both Uncrowned Kingdoms and Dongsquad saved me... They show me the ropes... They gave me advice that to this day I still hold on to... And the best part is... They accepted me and see me as equal (but prolly not in terms of gears)... Overall... I can't even imagine what wudve happened if I still havent made these wonderful people... My Valentine's Love goes to you guys in Uncrowned Kingdoms and Dongsquad... May our bond be thicker than blood... ❤️
  2. They are some missing... Mats for Stalker, Super Novice and Taekwon/SG/SL...
  3. The only cheap emp are Tier 3 emp... Thats Orange, Purple and Green... Usually they cost 2.9k but u can try ur luck getting it at lower price. Good luck!
  4. Welcome... Enjoy and have fun... You can always warp @go 11 to ask question regarding the game... We are always here to support each other... Let's all reach to the top!
  5. +1 We need new HG to attract more player into making their chars look pretty... FAB FAM!!!!
  6. The $60 only sold for less than 2.3k now... Not worth reselling it tbh and way way too overprice. They need to lower that down to $35-40 and the $30 auras to $15-20... For cape the best price for me tbh is what mentioned on this poll... The acce prolly go $30 for a pair and no longer sells individually.
  7. Now I'm seeing dropping price for the $30 aura in game... Which makes no sense if u can only sell it in game for less than 600. I think everything shud get all the price reduce... Since all end game stuff requires questing anyway... Donated stuff are just some mats needed... I want the GM to look over this and finalize a good price for some donators in game like myself... But just maintain the tokens price in tokenshop... The rest pls lower it down $10-15... You won't lose profit since more players will donate...
  8. Can't wait... Well actually I already know how to but it's better if the guides are released...
  9. +1 I wudnt want to donate a lot of cape if the cost is $40 per cape just to sell it underprice... Pls GM change this price. Some donator will appreciated the price reduction. Thank you.
  10. I'm suggestion a new sale bundle to be included in the Tokenshop. So, instead of buying two $30 = $60 why not make it $50 for the bundle and same goes to the $60 make it $110 for a bundle of two. It'll prolly increase the donation rate or prolly wont. But just a harmless suggestion I think worth discussing over.
  11. How do we know what's included in the Mystery Box for every rotation and how many rotation there is? I know it rotates every new update/ patch release but still unsure the possible content of the Mystery Box except Supply Boxes and Vouchers.
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