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  1. Hi all, just want to share some suggestions for BG. 1. Move Saturday 6PM to 8PM (server time) BG to after WoE which should be 9PM to 11PM server time. Most of the players are Asians, so most don't want to wake up at 6AM or 7AM (depending on DST) on a weekend to play BG. Additionally, 90% of the server population is on during WoE. So having BG after WoE would increase the amount of players participating in BG. 2. Add more BG hosting but limit the type of BG hosted per event. For example: today's BG will only be KvM, tomorrow only Flavius, the next only Tierra. The rationale for this is that most of the times, nobody would participate in either KVM or Tierra/Flavius. By limiting the type of BG per event, it will basically filter everyone to the same BG type. This can potentially also reduce the number of alts. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts regarding this. ?
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