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  1. WHAT IF... For a limited time, people can convert Activity Tokens directly to Forsaken Tokens? Just to increase the number of Forsaken Tokens in circulation. Also, events which provide Forsaken Tokens as rewards instead of Event Tokens? (For a limited time also) The market really really needs more forsaken tokens in circulation since a lot of tokens may be stuck up on old and inactive accounts ? Just some suggestions, cheers!
  2. I'm sorry if I generalized. But when I asked people like "you still playing?" they said "nah, server's dead" I know you've encountered reactions like that. What I mean is i'm asking for some solution to prevent these kind of reactions. I myself am not a donator, so I know the feeling of grinding hard. Back when I started playing on this server. there were mvp parties, two or three parties competing for MVPs since the cards are essential for PVP. But today, only our MVP party remained and no one ever competes now mainly because 1.) they don't need the cards (old players) and 2.) No new players
  3. CALLING THE ATTENTION OF GM GENESIS/VERACITY With all respect to both of you, whom are both working hard for the game's improvement, I (or all of the remaining players) think that the server is slowly dying. I've been in this game since 2014 and I've seen the changes that happened through the years. A lot of old players won't play again since they know that the server is dying. The market is stagnant, the number of players is declining every year, @go 25 is filled with alt accounts, raids and thanatos room have little competition. I don't know what to suggest but I think the main r
  4. Belong

    Buying TK BSET

    I am buying TK BSet. Please PM me in-game or find me using broadcaster :) IGN: Raijin(alt+255)Thunderkeg, Loubel, Mini Militia, Rin Tohsaka, Ostara
  5. New Update please xoxo

  6. Belong


    SELLING BIJOU CARD = PURE OR OFFER. Leave iGN or pm me in-game: Rin Tohsaka

  8. Belong


  9. Belong


  10. Belong


    SELLING THE FF. PRIEST CSET [SCARF AND STRIKE EAGLE] = 3K SKY BLUE LHZ = 1.3K SNIPER SB = 1.2K CHAMPION DORCUS - 1.1k BRUTAL GIANT HORN HELM = 1.4K MAJESTIC PURPLE SW = 1.1K +10 FLOWER KANZASHI = 400 Kindly leave name or PM me in-game. IGN: Rin Tohsaka / Admiral Sakazuki
  11. Belong

    B> TK. BSET

    BUYING TK. B SET PM ME Thank youu! iGN: Rin Tohsaka / Loubel
  12. Belong

    B> TK. BSET

    BUYING TK. B SET PM ME Thank youu! iGN: Rin Tohsaka / Loubel
  13. Sorry man, I was busy and ended up giving away my items haha!
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