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  1. For a limited time only, save 10% off everything in the Tokenshop! Use code LABORDAY19 to save now!
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  3. Welcome to fRO! Let me know if you have any questions while you're starting out. Happy playing! ?
  4. Welcome welcome! We're happy to have you here. I hope you're enjoying your time playing fRO! ❤️
  5. Presents... New Monthly Collectibles Now Available Four new monthly collectibles are now available in the Tokenshop: Black Emperor Headband, Drooping Doram, Gas Mask, and Ifrit Mask! Available for a limited time only, so get them before they're gone! Special Promotion Sale Three new special sales are taking place in the Tokenshop! Make sure you don't miss out on these: 3 books for $50! Pair of accessories for $40! 2 Dragon Honor for $30! New login screen by Moon Gunslinger Guardian cape variants Tracking r
  6. Presents... Additional recolors in the newly buffed Butterfly Aurora! Not only is the popular Butterfly Aurora now available in 11 gorgeous new colors, but the stats of the aurora have also been improved, making it more useful than ever! NEW Improved Butterfly Aurora Stats: All stats +25, Maximum HP + 5%, Increase physical damage by 5%, Increase your magic attack power by 15% Introducing 4 Brand New Custom Events Four new events have been added for you and your friends to have fun in, including... Treasure Hunt Event The participants ne
  7. Special Token Sale Now Happening! For a limited time only, all token purchases in the Tokenshop will receive DOUBLE the amount of tokens! That's right. DOUBLE the tokens. Make sure to take advantage of this amazing deal before it's gone! Thank you to our community who suggested this.
  8. We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! From spending time with loved ones to enjoying gifts, there's a lot to be thankful for. We wanted to thank each and every one of you for your continued support! We hope you'll enjoy our Holiday update and celebrate the season with us. Santa Paws needs your help All over Midgard, good pets everywhere wake up to tasty treats on Christmas thanks to Santa Paws. But now, a Santa Paws impersonator is threatening Christmas for pets everywhere! Team up with Santa Paws and his helpers in for_xmas to take down his impersonator.
  9. Hi! Thanks for your suggestion, and your support of the server! I'll get into some ways players like you can help us continue to grow, but first, I do want to address your concern that the server is "dying." This is something people will say frequently about servers, but I assure you, it's all part of a normal cycle for us. Certain times of the year are more active than others, of course, but the server is continuing to go strong! And it's not going to go anywhere, so please don't worry about that. ? Thanks to your suggestion and some others from the community, we've added a sale on token
  10. Autumn Token Sale! For a limited time only, all token purchases in the Tokenshop will receive DOUBLE the amount of tokens! That's right. DOUBLE the tokens. Make sure to take advantage of this amazing deal before it's gone! Thank you to our community who suggested this.
  11. Enter a long forgotten village that has once more emerged from the mists in a dark and frightening forest. Participate in Hallows Eve rituals, do 16 different quests for the townsfolk, face monstrous demons, get disguises of your own with tokens and tickets, and discover the secret past of the town... NEW Monthly Collectibles 4 new spooky monthly collectibles, just in time for Halloween! Up your style each month with our Monthly Collectible Limited Edition valkyrie headgears.Normally $60, you can get these at a discounted rate of $50!Each month will feature 2-3 unique a
  12. Introducing the New Dragonist Tier System The Order of the Dragon now has a tiered system to unlock new levels of strength. Depending on your level in the Dragonist sect, the effect is different. Tier 1: 1,000 Fame Points Tier 2: 2,000 Fame Points Tier 3: 3,000 Fame Points Tier 4: 4,000 Fame Points Tier 5: 5,000 Fame Points The Dragonist Honor Introducing a new item that gives you 10,000 fame points. The Dragonist Honor is now available in the Tokenshop. New Enchantment Book System Now you can use new Enchantment Books to increase your sta
  13. Presents... Introducing Battleground Rewards! You can now exchange your battleground tokens for exclusive rewards, including ice emperium auroras! Purple, gold, and sky blue are available from KvM, red and grey from Tierra, and Violet and orange from Flavius! PvP tokens: 35 KvM tokens/15 Tierra tokens/13 Flavius tokens Dragon tokens: 25 KvM/10 Tierra/8 Flavius Ice emperium aurora shards: 80 KvM/40 Tierra/30 Flavius Ice emperium auroras: 20 shards Updated Weekly Event Schedule Three of our popular events now have new times to better serve the nee
  14. Presents... Celebrating ForsakenRO's 11th Anniversary! We'd like to thank all of our players and hard working GMs for their support and loyalty to the server.You guys are what makes fRO so great! Here's to many more years of fun together! Battlegrounds comes to ForsakenRO! The long anticipated Battlegrounds have arrived, but with high quality customization that promises an exciting new experience. Now you can put your strength to the test by going head-to-head with an enemy team in three different competitions: Tierra, KVM, and Flavius! Each
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