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Thank you so much to [GM]Moon for this fantastic art! <3

Note: if you need assistance, please do not PM me.
Instead, send an email to [email protected], post in the Helpdesk section,
or file a ticket. Thank you! <3


Name: Veracity

Nicknames: Vera, Verazilla

Location: The help desk in fcity!

Interests: Norse mythology, writing quests, being awesome, and my wifey Wish!

Hobbies: Baking my special cookies and playing Poringball

Arch Enemies: The Cookie Monster, Dream Kong, and scammers

Job: Update coordinator, quest writer, storyline developer, player support, professional poring ball player


Have a magical day, and don't forget to review us on RMS if you appreciate all of the work we do. C'mon, do it for the pie!





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