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  1. Oh many many thanks !! I completely forgot this command ! I looked on a database but the infos was wrong ? I can loot Sweet Milk now ♥ --- Subject Closed !!
  2. Hello ! I'm AppleKandy. From Quebec / Canada ( I mostly speak french ) 29 years old woman who plays RO since her 15 yo ? I'm very shitty for making introductions so... ------------ People knew me on french servers as: GothAngel, Beauty, Meirou, Demonika, Kaeru, Kornelia.... If you recognize me, come say hello ? I still have a lot of screenshots with the server's name on the file ^_^ ---------- You will see me wander around because I do a lot of quests when I can. Too weak for pvp for now hehe ^^;;;;
  3. Hi everyone ! I didn't see anything about this item and I can't find it !! There is no savage bebe on the maps x.x Can someone help me please ? SUBJECT CLOSED THANK YOU
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