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  1. Welcome! Check the guides out in here. If you have any questions pm me in game [Moly.]. Will Gladly help you
  2. Thank you sir, Also do not forget the password on left and right side (There's a circle npc that will ask you the passwords after Mid have been cleared), so after the barricades in mid have been cleared, a Amad will spawn (use hylo for quick kill) then a circle npc will show up. If you click the mid NPC, a timer will be set off, then you must put the password on each side (left & right). Left Side= Ansuz Right Side= Raido Good luck. I've attached a picture of the map and approximation of the spawn points, its a bit off but i hope it works for you. It is numbered so you go by that order Blue Dots = Barricades = destroy them and the npc will show up, if you click the circle npc, the mobs will spawn Left side circle npc = will spawn numbers 5 6 7 mobs Right side circle npc = will spawn numbers 8 10 11 mobs
  3. I do agree with sniper B set being under powered at the moment, but you have to take into account how much power does it need? Or else it will be considered OP Divine HG's being 30 PvP tokens ( currently at 400-300 per PvP tokens or 12,000 Tokens approximately) is a heaping amount for a headgear, that said it gives a good amount of stats for Sniper, but also take into account the ship hat alternative. That said, maybe do like 15% ? instead of the 10% not sure how good that will be, but its a fair considering how much the hat cost. Only for snipers though. ITS A CHOICE HEHE I don't agree w/ the skoll reverting back to its original effect, i like the skoll effect right now because you can default skoll + ray cloak to be more survivable against champ and thana killer combos, so in my opinion its really good. It could go either way, bad for thana users and thana based atks, but good for survivable. Now you can wear skoll + ray, and not have to wear 2 skolls Make pouring cards into one. And not stackable (dragon tail also) 20% but only 1 will work. (+1 On this, but make it an MVP just like Eleanor or Bijou Or Eira so its harder to come by and only a few have it) SO ITS SPECIAL ^_^ I disagree that Sniper is squishy, for me it is not compared to what you mentioned Gunslinger G set (Tracking which runs about 200k+ HP, now that is squishy). I think snipers can run around 350k+ HPs w/ advantage of FAS (AOE DAMAGE) BUT if we are focusing on SNIPER B SET, totally agree needs to be fixed TBH: there are a lot of classes that needs better balancing, but its gonna take time and better effort, better testing, better fixing. But you know its hard. Cannot complain since the upper ups are trying their best too, although there are things that does not make sense sometimes, we just have to be patient and wait.
  4. There are specific spawn points in the area and specific sequence you wanna follow. AND you want the PD to go first, and always make sure you have FCP at all times Some mobs will be tough to solo, but you can do it with practice I don't have a picture of the map but if you are online i can bring you in the raid and show you where to go and just take note from there. IGN: [Moly.] Just hit me up and will go together Sincerely, Moly
  5. Correct. O yah forgot about soul linker good killer Yep, PD can either be a BIO (with non-donation g ring or g ring for land pro effect) or a Professor (built in land pro/ in the skill). I prefer the Professor since guardian ring can be a pain to make unless you just buy one And don't forget the sniper hehe very important, i'd bring 2 Snipers just incase till you get use to it/ the mob patterns. I would try to get in and take notes where everything is as a trial run
  6. Yes it is possible. You need at least 4 characters/ 4 client open at least. You can have more if you want for more fame. You would need a decent/semi gear Sniper/ Wiz (with g ring preferably or any character with Napalm Vulcan) , a Bio with FCP (you can make this your PD(flee) build if you have a non donation g ring or a g ring for bio, IF YOU DONT HAVE that, you can also bring a PD Professor(just fcp him everytime) 1. Sniper ( Curse Ring/Bow, standard Raider build like 2 devs(cloak) , 1 FR+GR(Armor), 1 Tanee + Moonlight(on boots) , FAS build so 2 paper 2 tg (On bow) , Ifrit cards (on accesories) ) 2. Wizard ( With G ring or Non-Donation G ring, basic build with int items, Important is you have Napalm Vulcan (just so u can kill Bijou faster) if not you can bring 2 snipers maybe, but its slow to kill bijou) 3. PD Bio (with g ring or non g ring) OR PD Professor (just bring a bio for FCP at all times) (PD build = certain cards for flee, the stats i forgot might need to ask around) 4. ^ One of those, 5. You can bring more alts up to 8 if you want, though make sure your computer can handle it
  7. You are most definitely welcome. If you have any questions about the game feel free to pm me in game if u see me [Moly.] hehe
  8. Welcome, hope you make us hellscream someday with your bowling bash hehe. Good luck and have fun dood
  9. You can get them by resetting your stats I believe you need to be max level first of course. The status points should be around 9000? Instead of 7000+
  10. No problem, although if you prefer a second opinion on blitz build. There’s really a few players that uses that build(mostly for raid) in game, might wanna broadcast for those players(ex. LF>blitz senpai) hehehe good luck and have fun
  11. Hello French Dood, Uh, there’s no specific French guild. The closest you could get would probably European players(Not sure if they French doeee) but they not solely in 1 single guild. There’s a few French players that I’ve met personally! Good day sir have fun!!
  12. Welcome, Uh Might wanna read the guides!!!!! Good luck
  13. Hello, I really don't recommend building a SinX just yet if you are new since it can get really costly, BUT If you are stubborn enough here's the basic guide. IMPORTANT: YOU NEED 480 HIT TO HIT PLAYERS (THAT WOULD BE +DEX idk how much for you) If you have Thanatos card you would want to build a Legendary Assassin Cross Dexterity Blade(Thanatos + TG + TG, Valkryrie Rangrids) + Legendary Assassin Cross Loki's Infernal Dagger (2 TG + 2 MAO) TG = Turtle General , Mao = Mao Guai , you would need to have more than 1 wep in order to be effective, but just test your own set of cards what works and what doesnt, trial and error If you do not have Thanatos card you would wanna build a critical build which would be Legendary Assassin Cross Critical Blade + Legendary Assassin Cross Fenrir's Feral Dagger ( cards 2 TG 2 Paper in both) under the Legendary Weapons category (Here;s the effect:) The guide is For Cloak, Armor, Shoes, Helm. Use Vote(Vote points can be redeem in NPC) or the Original ones (100 tokens each in NPC) For Accessory, you always wanna get STR ones so you would build an STR gauntlet For cards, you would wanna get Tao Gunka(Armor)+ Ghostring(Armor), 2 Fallen Bishop card (boots), 2 skoll (cloak), 2 devilling (cloak), a mixture of skoll + deviling or skoll + raydric card, 2 raydric card(cloak), For helms, you can either use a card called Amadarias or if you cannot afford that yet use Seyron Windsor Finally if you become one of the big boys SinX in game here's an awesome guild for Crit + Thanatos Card (The guide is mainly for breaking SinX) But it gives you an idea for item combination and set of cards to use to break/pvp(somewhat) Disclaimer: I really recommend building a Wizard/Bio/Sniper First as they can be really useful in raids, mvps, and other things. Then along the way build your SinX slowly.
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