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  1. Randomly showing up in you feed.  ?

  2. Aloha JayJay!
    Leaving some heartwarming greetings ?

    Len-uh ?

  3. Yass I freaking love this update ❤️ Thanks so so so much guys q_q! Truly a blessing staying on this server for so long! >:D Time to get me 1 of each of those new auras! Starting with them donation ones...maybe! HAHAHA Note* Please please please make a review on ratemyserver, it only takes a couple of minutes, and with this update...truly does help make updates like this help alot of people/server out ❤️
  4. True...loves it! TPBM has watched/is watching DBZ... (if you don't know the acronym...ya probably havent q_q)
  5. Amicable

    This Or That?

    Moon, the sun literally its hot af sometimes....ugh i cant, especially summer, THE F***?! Wired or Wireless
  6. HMM.....ehh...I'll say false, I aint like a DIE HARD, but i do listen to a few. TPBM has a dog as a pet ;-; ❤️
  7. True, they are delicious! TPBM loves Boba! or has tried boba once in their life....(not just the black ball, i meant the drink Boba Tea / Etc.)
  8. True and false...I mean i like it sometimes, so I guess true! TPBM craves sweet food ;D! Got a sweet-tooth?!
  9. +1 Would be nice Haha :3 Saves alot of trouble i just usually use the girl on the right and go above 500+ xD
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