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  1. Nadtorious

    100m gone?

    I did it for you. Now go and find @Perishable and collect your 100m :] HAHA <3
  2. Welcome back! Good luck and have fun!
  3. Hi pzoe, Here is the link for the Knight Quest. Click here. and here is the link for the forbidden dungeo quest. Click here. Good luck and if there is anything else you need help with, please do ask. Have fun and see you around!
  4. You can visit @go 11. If you need any assistance. And welcome!
  5. Hi AppleKandy and Lyne, welcome! Hope you like it here. See you ingame!
  6. Hi. You can create a ticket about your account concern. Click here
  7. You're Beautiful - James Blunt
  8. The Crossroads - Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
  9. False, once did before hitting puberty. (=^o^=) TPBM doesn't wash his/her face before going to bed.
  10. Able to teleport ofc. suck a toe or french kiss a corpse (LMFAO) GL!
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