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  1. and all I said was you type like someone that isn't educated and you blew this up. what I said doesn't even count as an insult then if you're going to say that about me. i'm done trying to communicate with you
  2. are you even reading what I am saying? I didn't say you were uneducated and said it multiple times after also. I don't want to argue with you
  3. what the fuck are you even talking about? you really want to flood this topic because you're too hard-headed to accept one small thing I said about you? imagine if I insulted you directly. you don't want to start insulting vs me, lets just end this here and move on?
  4. Just because somebody isn't educated doesn't mean they aren't understandable. I didn't say only educated people should have a say in the forums, all I did was imply that your grammar in the post is bad. Stop putting words in my mouth let's end this nonsense unless you really want to go down that path and embarrass yourself.
  5. As for this, OL isn't the only counter man, there's cards out there to counter champ and we both know that. If you wanna fight come fight me Champ vs Champ and you'll see the difference between us. Sure there will be a difference between all classes but not to the extremities of Champ. Any one can play a broken class that 1 skills people but not everyone can play Champ. He also genuinely isn't targeting WS, in fact I agree with you that WS is fine as it is and it doesn't really need to be changed I understand that you guys don't like each other but keep that on the side all he was trying t
  6. I really am trying to be reasonable here so listen with your thick skull. How have I insulted every non educated person in the world? I didn't say they cant type so don't put words into my mouth. The only reason I said that was because of your grammar, and if you can't realize that there's a bigger problem here
  7. Lol reread your post man, you targeted him about 3-4 times. The only thing that I've said about you is about you playing Super Novice.
  8. Are you even reading what i'm typing? I said it FEELS like it I DID NOT say someone without an education typed it. I also explained already as to why. Read at how you construct your posts man, stop trying to prove your point. I don't even know why you're this upset, just read what I say instead of repeating yourself. I even said myself "obviously you have an education" I don't know what you're trying to get at here, are you trying to prove something? No need to bring it back up when I already explained myself. Also it's not about the fact that you can't type, its what you type. There is a h
  9. Didn't say you weren't educated, obviously you have an education lol. I said it feels like somebody with no education typed it because of the grammar.
  10. Just because a class has been nerfed recently doesn't mean it can't be nerfed again if it isn't balanced. Wizard used to be a class that was known to spam bolts and mainly Meteor Storm but now it's a straight up assassin.. you claim it doesn't cross 120K ( it does but lets just go with your assumption ) // even if it doesn't cross 120k it does nearly 90-100k per cast and with how accessible MB nowadays doing 170~200k per skill cast is just not fair. It doesn't matter if it used to do a certain amount of damage, I do not understand why you feel like that will help your argument as to why
  11. I agree, you can say that there are counters for all of these classes but when were talking group PvP and events its not really an option to switch for some of these classes because it just gets you killed. No class should have the power to do so much damage to force you to switch gears but you can't even switch because you'll die if you do, so you just stay there tanking the absurd amount of damage. He gave the original effect and suggested the new ones, I'm sure it doesn't have to be on point as the GM's can test variables, and even gave a different damage formula to reduce TK / SG damage, w
  12. can u get hacked and give me ur fset again

  13. I personally agree with disabling Gepard Shield for many reasons. Firstly, in terms of player base what he said was right I mean like before Gepard there were way more guilds and players, looking back 6-8 years from when Gepard was introduced there was a higher player base except for maybe when the server very first came out. Even in 2015-2017 after the peak of our servers player base there were way more players compared to post-gepard which is surely not a coincidence. During those times in every PK area there was 10+ people, parties of 7+ vs 7+, WoE was active with 2-3 big guilds and 1-2 sm
  14. vossen ur a hater and ur trash

  15. ive gotten nearly 200 kill streaks in woe without a devo and ive played tk for like 20 hours max lol im sure any half decent player can see that its super broken even if ur not good unless u play TK like @Maiimaii he/she or whatever the fuck that thing is then its not really op
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