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Hakka 白n霞o罸 Togame stave crasher wizzy guide(HighwiZ bless ring)

matk or hybrid matk+atk?  

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  1. 1. What's ur choice for matk job users favourite?

    • Matk only ^^
    • Stave crasher only ^^
    • Bankai~!! (both)

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The best-updates from Cursed wizard rune+Wizard Highness staff towards[stave crasher]wizzy ❤️❤️❤️ 

~Best regards from forsaken ro server~

Finally can made a guide abouts hybrid build wizzy stave type :3 :3 :3

This hybrid build of wizzy would be PvP oriented type too :4 :$ ❤️ 

yi-kuzo............^^ ^^

Weapon link: https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=wizard-highness-staff-4

Rune link: https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product=cursed-wizard-rune-0



Stats   Stave Crasher.png

Str-> *upto ur fav weights*(minimum can carry about 400 ygg seeds or 350 ygg berries)

Agi->*195 aspd*

Vit-> *at least 400k hpmax* (stats+equips together calculation :$)

Int-> *290 till 300 straight* (maximum stave crasher dmgs)

notes=stave crasher's physical-range calculates as ''int'' via stat-add-up(left sides)

Dex-> *150 just for insta-cast* or {190 till 250 coz stave is "atk-skill mechanism"}

Luk-> *the rest goes here* (atk+matk bonus-leftover)

Hint: High Dex stat-jobs hardly kiss-floor by stave crasher types wizzy ;[T-T];


Gears   Stave Crasher.png

H-up: Divine pride / Ltd sakura Mermaid wig [kiel 2x]

Extra= can use ship captain hat variants{ranged atk +20%}. But will sacrifices only 1 slot/gear bonuses :3

H-mid: Maroon tempest aurora [kiel]

H-low: wizzy Bless ring*IMPORTANT* [amad (or) Bijou]

Ps= If still wants to spam more matk's[just get an extra-wizzy bless ring w/ Hwc]

Armor: +10 wiz DA[rata, eleanor] / [defaults=Gr, rata or Fraider, rata]

notes=stave crasher calculates as ''matk+atk'' via gears(right sides)

Weapon: Wizard Highness staff(most fav) [Thanatos, atroce, pandaring 2x (or) Inca, phreeoni, pandaring 2x]

Basic defaults via ghost enemies example card-sets[Tg 2x, maoguai 2x (or) Thanatos, Tg, maoguai 2x]

Shield: *at most 2x shields* friggs king shield[gtb or horn]

horn card=reduce 35% stave dmgs from other wiz/prof jobs

Cloak: Fking cloak[sinX eremes, Dev (or) skoll 2x (or) noxious 2x]

noxious card=reduce 10% stave dmgs from other wiz/prof jobs

Shoe: +10 Fking shoe[Fbh, eira (or) 2x eira (or) Dwiz, eira]

Acce: int curse(most fav, have atk/matk +10% for pairs) [C.wiz rune 2x (or) Ifrit+ C.wiz rune]

Hint: Try explore Errende cards too


Example of usage for stave crasher builds: Stave Crasher.png

A- stave dmgs are highly affected by elements(range atk-9pixel scene)

B- Let's say the enemy is ghost element, we need cursed water{@ali 12020}(dark element) or fire converters(fire element dmgs) to deal wif them ❤️ 



End-gears/super-advance levels Stave Crasher.png

1->Books of Agi,Vit or Hp,Int,Dex,Luk(NEED all-of-them ^^)

Link: https://forsaken-ro.net/tokenshop/?product_cat=enchantments

2->volund atk+6% ,volund hp+10%

3->Try buy from player-ingame (or) farms candy of Intelligent/Dexterity

Conclusion: stave crasher is using int(From stat), atk+matk/crit/range atk bonus(From gears/cards). To get overall max dmgs{~•®•~}



Rata/Eleanor/Eira farm-maps


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Added default card combos for stave's weapon and new card-sets for cloak^^

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