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SinX gears

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Hey everyone I'm new to fRO...it's been more than 10 years since I've played RO and completely forgot everything lol....

I've checked out some of the guides here for SinX, but Im having a hard time on choosing gears/cards to start off with so i can farm MVP cards and also how to find those gears/cards.

I'd appreciate the help and also looking for any active guilds to join. Looking forward to WoEing again.


IGN: WhoStabbedYou

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Not so familiar with sinx, but ima try with the best of my knowledge.

Typically we got 5 types of sinx build. (if there are other more builds then probably i haven't seen them)

1. Crit type

2. Dagger/Dex type (or whatever you call it)

3. Soul Destroyer type

4. Sonic Blow type

5. Bash type


Crit type is the newbie friendly build as its equips are a bit cheaper comparing to other builds. You can start off with "legendary" equips.

Check some guides here or here

Tip: Try going to @go 11. Friendly guild that prioritize helping newbies.


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Here u go ❤️ 




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Dual Dagger mostly suitable for pvp+woe :3
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