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Newbie Guide 101: Overview of the Basics

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"What to do next?"

Been here for a year and I've seen a lot of newbies asked the same question.

So here's a quick guide/overview of what you have to do step by step and what you need in our server.

1. Max your level, base and job - 255/255. Don't forget to click Freebie NPC for free headgear and backpack. Very useful items. Use them.

2. After max level, do the Forsaken Knight Quest.

3. Then start gearing up by doing these quests and stuff:
              a. Legendary Gauntlets. (accessories)
              b. Legendary Weapon. (use the specific job for the corresponding weapon) Legendary Arrow (for Hunter class). Legendary Bullets (for Gunslinger)
              c. Legendary Auras. You can choose which one you want.
                       - Legendary Zodiac Aura. (easiest to make, i suggest you choose this one)
                       - Legendary LHZ Aura.
                       - Legendary Mythical Flame Aura.
              d. Complete the Vote Forsaken King Set armors and Vote Infernal Cape. Get these from server website - Control Panel - vote for credits.
                       - Vote Forsaken King Armor
                       - Vote Forsaken King Boots
                       - Vote Forsaken King Cloak
                       - Vote Forsaken Valkyrie Helm
                       - Vote Forsaken King Shield
                       - Vote Infernal Cape (lower headgear)
                       - Each worth 50 vote points, 150 points for cape, purchase thru control panel and claim in-game thru Vote Redeemer NPC
              e. General guide for jobs, cards & equipment and strategies and more.

4. Grind. Now you're set and geared with the basic equipment, you can start earning Tokens (this is our main currency) thru:
                       - Farming (farm for quest materials and sell to players for tokens, farm treasure box / stone sage and sell them for zeny, farm seeds/berry but you need Dungeon Pass to enter and warp to the seed/berry farming area.)
                       - Hunting MVP's (cards and some drops needed for several quests)
                       - Raids (this is exciting, i suggest you learn this in-game)
                       - Participate in events such as WoE, Gvg, BR, BG and lots of events
                       More information about tokens here.


5. Now it's time to upgrade to the next level gears, here's what you need:
              a. Complete Forsaken King Set, you can buy from players or NPC the following;
                       - Forsaken King Armor
                       - Forsaken King Boots
                       - Forsaken King Cloak
              b. Valkyrie Weapons, buy from players, from token trader using event tokens(etoks) or donate.
              c. Valkyrie Expansion Headgears or Specialty Headgears, buy from players, from token trader using event tokens(etoks) or donate.
              d. Frigg's Shield. The best shield in game.
              e. Blessed/Cursed/Guardian Ring (lower headgear) View the effects here: Cursed & Blessed Ring and Guardian Ring
                       - Part I of ring quest. (all ring quest starts here, after Part I you can proceed to blessed/cursed/guardian ring of your choice)
                            - Blessed Ring
                            - Cursed Ring
                            - Guardian Ring
              f. Forsaken Belts or Ancient Artifacts+Runes (accessories), buy from players or donate.
              g. Emperium Auras (WoE, Gvg & BR rewards), Ice Emperium Aura (BG rewards), and other Donate Auras, buy from players or donate.


6. This is the End game gears and the Dragonist sect.

  • Join the Dragonist sectThis will give you access to more advanced raids and quests, like the dragonist armor.
  •  Dragonist Armor, The best armor in game you can get. You should be a member of the dragonist sect to make and to use this armor. here's the guide
  •  Blessed/Cursed Accessories, end game accessories, here's the guide: Cursed, Blessed (no guides yet)
  •  Enchantment Books. Once you've reached rank 5 of the dragonist sect. You can use these enchants to its full potential to maximize the stats of your class.


This is basically the overview of everything. The rest you will learn in-game.
There are so many more quests I did not mention. You can check some of those here. I only included the basic necessities that we need.
For more detailed guide and tips, check this one out - Newbie Guide fRO by NOOB / KING

Credits to the respective authors of the linked guides.


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