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  • Forsaken Dungeon Pass Quest




    completing this quest you'll obtain

    Forsaken Dungeon Pass

    Enables you to warp to Forsaken Dungeon

    Forsaken Dungeon Pass Quest - Part I a


    Talk to the Miner and choose 'Why Not,' then enter the portal

    Forsaken Dungeon Pass Quest - Part I b


    Item Requirements

    7619.gif 50 Enriched Elunium

    7620.gif 50 Enriched Oridecon

    7429.gif 30 Green Charmstones

    7233.gif 25 Mithril Ore

    7231.gif 25 Gold Ore

    7232.gif 25 Silver Ore

    Forsaken Dungeon Pass Quest - Part II


    Kill a Pitman to get an Old Pick

    Forsaken Dungeon Pass Quest - Part III


    Find the Minerals hidden throughout the map

    Forsaken Dungeon Pass Quest - Part IV


    Experiment with directions until you find the weak point

    Once you find the weak point, continue to click that direction until you break through

    Forsaken Dungeon Pass Quest - Part V


    Continue to choose beat until the Old Pick breaks

    Forsaken Dungeon Pass Quest - Part VI


    Once you have all the required items, talk to the Miner

    You will then receive a Forsaken Dungeon Pass!

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    Some information regarding mining:

    -You can go over 90% capacity and still mine because mining is a text interaction. 
    -You'll need 46 slots open slots to get all the possible drops from mining (45 if you exclude the old pick).
    -Mining is RNG. It's recommended to have ~1000-1200 old picks, the hardest ones to get from the RNG are mithril ore and golden ore; however, they go hand in hand with each other. The order of finding them will always be 1 gold ore > 1 silver ore > 1 mithril ore. The arrangement of finding them are always in this order.
    -Silver Ores can be independent from the sequence, they can be found without finding gold or mithril ores.

    -DO NOT waste time farming ONLY the old picks, pitmen drop irons, coal, lanterns, steel and used iron plates. Stack this quest with another quest for example Legendary Gauntlet, Legendary Weapon, and Silver Dungeon Quest. Hint: They all use irons.
    -You can use a creamy card to teleport around the map, however you cannot use the @warp command.
    -Go get a drink you'll be sitting at your screen spamming your enter button.

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    Can get Enriched Elu/Ori  in  Forsaken Mine using Old Pick (item id 7318)
    First you drop 1k or 2k of Old pick in map ein_dun01...
    Later what you farm a good ammount of Old Pick (item id 7318)...
    Go to @warp for_fild01 236 18     and enter in warp  to down... to mine...
    inside of mine (for_mine01) walk to for_mine01 10 136 and talk with "Mining Spot" using the Old Pick to dig the mine looking for "Enriched Elunium or Oridecon"...
    But Save all rock's what u get, because maybe you can need this later...

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