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Scammer Ban Please But He Trying To Report Me Instead

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My Username: kruzergirl

the item he try to scam: 1 billion zenny

this scam failed but this occured at 5/10/2016 10:30-11:15 PM(UTC+7)

character name try to scam me: H U L K kid

so the case begin with:

he ask me after i sell sinxrune to him, is there any item i want to sell, i said i have 1 billion zenny and i said 60 tokens, but he want to buy it with 30 tokens

he said 30 tokens not 'etokens' i remember it clearly

then im angry he is try to trick me or what then suddenly he manipulating fact he said its 30 etoks not 30 toks though earlier he said 30 toks

then i dont like his scam, so i broadcasting offtopic: CARE THIS GUY TRY TO SCAM ME, H U L K kid

then about 5-10 min later he whisp me and angry he abusing me and try to report me, though he is scammer and he doesnt want listen

and my guildmates saying this guy was once try to scam him too by selling kiel cards but in trade he giving silver kiel card instead but he noticing it so the scam failed.

anyway this guy need banned GM , if this guy report me in forum please reject it, he is the one need banned, i only trying to farm then sell my money into tokens , but this guy only want to scam in the whole of his life

Ty sincere, Patrick

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yah but there are a hint of trickery of his, i dont know its really scam or missunderstood

the main point is he trying to get advantage of trade to his side

i just dont like this person

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Just aware, of any dealers that deal with you :P

If you suspect any mysterious moves, such as changing the subject of the deal.

Just cancel the deal :P

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