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  1. there are players with OP items that their opponents doesnt have. Some of the items in Fro are expensive that other people couldn't afford. it would be nice if they will start with newbie items and may the best build wins.
  2. General Biology in the summer is boring >,<

  3. +1 to this, but I would also suggest that players can create a new character like NvZ with fixed non donation items and players can setup battle items and skills because if we use our own items, it wont be fair to others (non-donators). It would be like battle of skilled players, not just battle of OP items.
  4. file a ticket regarding this problem so GMs can help you.
  5. I'm in class playing fRO and browsing forums :D

    1. dlsmizel




    2. Capuccino


      I'm in the office checking forums. :D

    3. B u m b l e B e e
  6. Fokin fRO logo covered me ?
  7. +1 for this. When I enter Thana room then gets DC, I have to wait 2 hours again, which pisses me off and thus, nowadays, server disconnects frequently.
  8. B> Pally Cursed Set = I'm paying pure pm me in-game Pray For Plagues or Smells Like Teen Spirit
  9. Afaik, NV type whitesmith is just the same as other matk jobs. Just make your matk high and you'll be good.
  10. Try reading rayray's guide
  11. I think these kind of transaction is not allowed in this server. Better ask GMs first. @Genesis @Moon @Danger @Euphoria
  12. What's up with all these disconnections?

  13. Well afaik, SG B set is commonly being used as an emp breaker. SG G set is more like a killer. I'm not sure if B ring is for pvp too.
  14. Its really hard to find weapon like that because not many players use SG. If they are to sell it, they probably sell it as a set unless you find someone to donate it for you, but you have to pay a little bit more than the usual price
  15. STR = you dont have to max it out to 300. Try divisible by 10. AGI/DEX = 195 aspd is enough VIT = 230-240k hp is good Gears Middle = Use emp or LHZ for better dmg Weapon = your card combo is good, but you need second weapon for switching. Most people nowadays wear skoll card. If you notice that a player is wearing skoll card, switch your weapon to non-thana weapon ( tg tg mao mao, tg tg skel vr, tg tg mao vr) Thats my comment on your SG. You can follow it or ignore it. Thats up to you :)
  16. Please move this topic to the "Suggestion Section"
  17. Yup! +1 to this. Finding an item takes forever
  18. Try to patch fro again, or download small patch and try again.
  19. DST or Daylight Saving Time started last Sunday, March 12, 2017. It means that clock moves 1 hour forward in USA (Spring Forward). The server's time zone is GMT -4 Eastern Time and uses military time (24-hour format) Here are the woe times on server time: Monday Euro 14:00 (2:00pm) Tuesday Asian 7:00am Wednesday American 20:00 (8pm) Friday Euro 10:00am / 2.0 20:00 (8pm) Saturday American 20:00 (8pm) Here are event times (BR, GvG) server time: Monday BR 20:00 (8:00pm) Tuesday GvG 20:00 (8:00pm) Thursday BR 20:00 (8:00pm) Sunday GvG 10:00am If this is confusing, you can message me here or in-game. Players lives in different time zones. Just check the server time near the help desk to know when and what time woe and events starts.
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