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  1. Welcome. MSG ME FOR ITEMS
  2. I don't see any balanced or unbalanced comparison here. What exactly are we comparing to? Low rate, Super High Rate, or FRO? I don't find anything broken or under powered. There is no limit.
  3. Adding them to a new castle for people to play with is fair to people who want an Emperium Aurora sprites? We have Original Zodiac / Legendary Zodiac. Original Mythical Flame / Legendary Mythical Flame. These guys just want an Emperium Aurora looks. Adding it to a new castle will only benefit a dominating guild.
  4. Maybe some Blue GodSpellring Aurora?
  5. I mean it doesn't have to be emperium aurora. They can just give the current legendary auroras that now can be converted it to limited edition and give it a little legendary boost. It will also gives new comer more reason to purchase Dragon Honor for the fame points and convert them to dragon tokens. But I believe you just want an Emperium Aurora sprite but a legendary one, right? Those are my recolors if they do decide to make a legendary emps. If not, Ebisu does recoloring too. He is an actual developer/spriter for Forsaken. It's really up to their team. Since Emperium Aurora did begun ForsakenRO. It's the first Aurora dropped at Fadhgridh castle when ForsakenRO first begun. Old school and classic. ForsakenRO lives up to that until now. It's history to many of us. I don't see why a Legendary Emperium Aurora sprites would kill the market or anything.
  6. Your quest guideline is way too simple. I think you should let the developers come up with their quest guideline. An easy raid for legendary equipment and some quest requirements should probably do.
  7. If you want to do something for them @Genesis I'll provide these files if you like or accept it. Legendary Fire Emperium Aurora Legendary Yellow/Banana Emperium Aurora Legendary Avocado Emperium Aurora Legendary Green Apple Emperium Aurora
  8. I think I've played league with you. Your display name sounds so familiar.
  9. Start by becoming a knight. https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/wiki/quests/storyline-q/
  10. Also fix the 15 minute cooldown on repairs in WoE 2.0. It's not a 2 hour WoE. It should go back to default. Put it back at 5 minutes. It was changed due to me holding 2.0 castle for 8 months without rotating.
  11. Sorry for the shit, i said about you in the game in the past. I look back at it and say "Wtf was i thinking", i've been battling depression for years now. 

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      The irony. Hope all is well now man.

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      Yea, everything is alright now. 

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