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  1. anyone play here back in the 2008-early 2010s?

  2. hi i think i still owe u 200mil zeny tehehe

  3. after re-downloadin it 8 times it worked. NO THANKS TO GM WISH COUGH COUGH >:D
  4. wait danny still plays here?
  5. Downloaded the all in one installer, installed it, updated patch, enters client, gravity error. Module Name: C:\Program Files\ForsakenRO\Fkenro.exe Time Stamp: 0x477b78c8 - Wed Jan 02 06:43:04 2008 Exception Type: 0xc0000005 0x0043c68f Fkenro.exe 0x00678981 Fkenro.exe 0x00699c0a Fkenro.exe 0x74943677 kernel32.dll 0x76fb9f42 ntdll.dll 0x76fb9f15 ntdll.dll
  6. Anyone know how to play this game?
  7. Dr. Tran


    how to play tis game?? bye.
  8. lolwat.

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    2. Dr. Tran

      Dr. Tran

      LOL iunno but i sure thought she was u... and said somethin random LOL.

    3. Kittie


      o men. now u have two katherines that think you weird. :D

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  9. happy b-lated bday, and thanks.

  10. Happy birthday my bf.

  11. happy birthday old man. :)

  12. Happy Birthday, Ming! oo

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