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  1. what do you need for priest dragonist armor?
  2. spam taekwon mission until you get an easy mob to kill, then do the mission
  3. @Genesis @Ebisu @Veracity @Tenjin @Moon
  4. First all of BG: I think this is going to kill Tierra and Flavius BG even more since, the gm's are removing the main goal of the tierra and flav players who are trying to get books, increasing the price for it can be a good deal but removing it completely may completely left them unclear to what they can use except for the ice emps which are not that sellable if you look at the market today. increasing the price on tierra from 210 Tierra tokens to 300-350 and for flavius from 175 flavius token to 250-300, to at least revive the BG flav and tierra system which you guys are killing every patch that is being implemented . Second "nerf" on Prof: The prof equipment nerf is quite brutal especially for new players who are trying to get use into the woe feels or at least try to climb into the woe ladder with their guild. the upper gears are reasonable to be removed for the prof, but removing the lower gears as well is quite a killer for them, since the new players today doesn't really stand a chance in woe since they can be one shotted by the enemy champ or sinx even if they are using prof how do you think since newbie are going to survive in woe with their current gears if you guys are going to remove all of it? you can at least tone down the reduction scripts given by the energy coat like this: [ SP ] Reduction given -> Nerfed reduction 21-40 % -> 12% 7% 41-60 % -> 18% 13% 61-80 % -> 25% 20% 81-100 % -> 30% 25% Third "Buff" on SG: Star gladiators are notorious for one shotting players who is in their opposition especially in opposition level 3( for some reason the opposition skill levels is bugged) but giving him 75% more damage when they already are OP as they are even with 11 party members online in the map. I suggest that the Counter kick damage bonus should be toned down from 175 to 135-145 at least? I cant still stats my opinion very well on this ecuz I havent tested how OP is this going to be Fourth Velund release: for my opinion this atk% buff shouldnt be given to champions whose damage is high enough to make the enemy sniper hp bar red with just 1 full asura while still being tanky with 200-250k hp
  5. make the name "Achilles' King shield" or "Achilles' Knight shield", as for the stats Max HP +10% Str +10 Vit +5 Dex + 10 Int + 10 Reduce dmg received from boss-type monsters by 10% Increase dmg received from demi-human by 5% The shield stats shouldn't work in non raid maps, if they do use it on non raid maps, it will give increase damage received from demi-human by 50% to scare them off using this in pvp
  6. aight all good, yes that can be fixed if you change the theme of your ro
  7. I think you are missing some files for the game to work
  8. Aren't we going to have another one of those MSC event in this upcoming months?? Or is it now gone for good?
  9. I think the esma damage increase is pretty useless, since "es" type of atks cant be used against demi human
  10. sorry but I nid to know the main effects of eira card, the whole description
  11. @KashaDear of course you can join hehehe Just goto gonryun(go 11)
  12. the quest for legendary weapon of Star Gladiator is not yet implemented :<
  13. Hmmmm have you tried setting up your resolution and other stuffs first??
  14. Ohhhhhhh what genre is it?? 😮 i might watch that hehehe
  15. Currently re:reading "Relife" a very good manga that may change your life hehehe
  16. you can use @go 25 since that is the main city of forsaken RO
  17. Ummm being high in def can easily kill you using thanatos card maybe you've forgotten about it
  18. Its just a small suggestion here is my idea Str +15, Agi +7, Atk +3%, Max HP +35% Increase damage to demihuman by 3% Increase damage to medium sized monsters by 2% Allows Level 10 Enlarge Weight Limit
  19. Smaragos

    S> SB Eids

    Buy this already!
  20. * SAKURA TREE * Holaaa Smaragos A.K.A the food man here!! ^_^ Im just here to show you my most favorite spot to take a screenshot to chill and afk if I want to... hehehe ^_^ That's all! ^_^
  21. * LONER ALERT !! * Shush..... this is "Snowie" the snowman my partner for valentines.... well for now since Snowie really isnt a real person sooo im considered to be a loner.... LOL I guess I dont have any flashy thigns to be shown here xD since im just here with snowie, and that cursor over there O.O hello there I didnt notice yah. hahaha that's all Happy valentines to everyone!!! may the loners prevail once even on valentines!!!
  22. Smaragos

    socket enchantment

    does fro have a socket enchantment npc somewhere??
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