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  1. Smaragos

    S> SB Eids

    Buy this already!
  2. * SAKURA TREE * Holaaa Smaragos A.K.A the food man here!! ^_^ Im just here to show you my most favorite spot to take a screenshot to chill and afk if I want to... hehehe ^_^ That's all! ^_^
  3. * LONER ALERT !! * Shush..... this is "Snowie" the snowman my partner for valentines.... well for now since Snowie really isnt a real person sooo im considered to be a loner.... LOL I guess I dont have any flashy thigns to be shown here xD since im just here with snowie, and that cursor over there O.O hello there I didnt notice yah. hahaha that's all Happy valentines to everyone!!! may the loners prevail once even on valentines!!!
  4. Ohhhh ok ok thanks
  5. Smaragos

    socket enchantment

    does fro have a socket enchantment npc somewhere??
  6. does the legendary blessed acce have slots? or nope?
  7. Hmmm I guess everyone would choose the forsaken city as the "place where it all started" but im still picking this place since the forsaken city is where I found my first buddy whom I farmed with and tried climbing the ladder to "fame" or "wealth" with, and this is the place where I actually found my FIRST and FINAL guild in the server: The Uncrowned Kings (UK) To be honest I cant say much hahaha but yeah this is where I started my journey in Forsaken RO P.S Im lonely here because they are all sleeping bwahahaha
  8. Hello ^_^ This is Me and my partner Scarlet xD I've played with her for about 2-4 weeks already though we've been close like sibling and such of course I would have pick my bro " Skibbles" if its just for brotherhood but there is just something with Scarlet HAHAHA Whenever I go online she frequently ask me to teacher her about builds on what she wants to do and such so I end up dying everytime she does that due to that fact that she is more richer/pro than me LOL. Mehhhhhh thats all Btw.... Scarlet is a trap shhhh...... WARNING TO EVERYONE! Be careful with traps BWAHAHAHA
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRO! From yours truly the "Uncrowned king" greets you with joy and pride ^_^ More success and fun to come!!! ☺️
  10. well written, though its quite old school style, but it can still work in FRO farming. +1 :D
  11. sooo there will be a time when we can use Paymaya?? :D
  12. is it possible to use paymaya acc in donating??
  13. Smaragos

    S> 2 Kiel cards

    Pm... Smaragos in game ^_^
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