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  1. When's the Result for MSC results be released?

  2. Rly? Is it pvp or woe? In which build? Pure crit AA sinx? SonicB? I'd rather use str gaunts for that. Yea, i can consider the fact that it gives bonus to 3 stats, giving more decent stat allocation and sustain on either pvp or woe fields, but doesnt dealing bigger damage is the main reason why we got these? Specially for sinx imo.
  3. anyone who find these mixture belts a waste? Well yea. I do. Gaunts are pretty much more needed than these and i dont find spending 200toks for a pair of these to be very worthy. I'll suggest in giving these belts buff that's worthy of their NPC price. ie. Forsaken Belt of Mixture A [0] Str + 30 Agi + 30 Vit + 10 Mdef - 7 The reason behind this example that i made, is to SOMEHOW make the belts on par with the other belts. I may not be expecting this exact example to be implemented, but PLEASE CONSIDER having these mixture belts to be given some love somehow.
  4. Roughly 24 hrs remaining and i hope no one notices their entries /gg
  5. -1. sry. this quest is supposedly to be hard as it is. i think it's fine now. 50% is a big chance. doing like 8 raids just to get that, is just plainly unlucky. nothing else
  6. +1 to this. There's no reason for me to rent the 6-hour seed rental pass and go farming for 6 straight hours just to maximize it.
  7. where can we see the effects of those rings?
  8. like bio vs. erryone lol broke armor = 0% chance of winning
  9. if this would be implemented, they would rather go to the 'training space' rather than getting LTD boxes. +5 permanent stat is way far ahead than getting imp/ltd imp which only has +2/+5 additional stats if worn
  10. Please clear some flaws on the Circle of madness event. there's a cell or two where you can click the 'Dog the Cat' NPC even without circling around the map. this is kinda annoying
  11. Isn't it amazing? From how living organisms go a lot smaller far beyond to how big the universe is. And this picture tells a story on how dreams [the bonsai] become bigger as they would fill the world [the room] with amazing deeds.
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