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  1. Maiimaii

    Assorted headgears

    Hmm, not a bad idea. But since assorted hat already has Specific stats on classes which gives Vit already, Why not increase the Max HP 15% to 30 or 45% (adjust) something like that, Why? Coz sum of class has small pool of Vit (HP) increase.
  2. Stalker before is not really High damage dealer before, they had this Demi-human reduction on their bow which makes em flexible. But it was removed due people forums suggested to removed it tho i don't see the point why, they don't even do damage. o wells its impossible put it back now coz of blessed accessories and some other stuff And yes, You need proper equips to deal a good damage. Let's say for Bow type, you'll be need atleast Freyr's Gauntlet, Bless Ring, Soaring Bird. As for Guardian build, You'll be needing Guarding Ring, Bjorn Sword , Loki's Seal/Cursed STR, 3x amdarais/Bijou card
  3. +1 also the the NPC that can convert stuff to tokens is also great idea, we have so much stuff/items in game but no tokens. But i suggest make it like a shard instead than tokens. Why? Because we can’t control market price even if single item cost 1500 tokens eventually they will reach to 1000. So why not make it a shard like lets see. Different amount different shards for different stuff like valk weap shards, aurora dhards etc... example if u disassemble valkyrie weap it’ll give you 1 shard and u need 2-3 shards for 1 of your choice valkyrie weap . This should be actually in different topic lmao
  4. Maiimaii

    More Fun

    Didn’t know there’s worst than dumb suggestions.
  5. Maiimaii

    Website PVP UPDATE

    1v1 tournament is a big no a lot of classes is not balanced for 1v1. If you do pvp-well you should know it already. If its for fun like automated yeah sure, its for fun anyways. @Halion thats what ppls say to me when they cant beat me @ pvp room. Used to it. Also i’d like to see a video of me feeding. Thank you, glady appreciate it.
  6. Maiimaii

    Website PVP UPDATE

    I don’t see anyones feeding. Unless you’re one of those qqing coz couldnt ladder. So please stop doing false accusations . If ever its true then file a ticket. Or i could show you vids what is the real feeding ?
  7. Maiimaii

    Website PVP UPDATE

    I just said it, Everyone will just feed to become top 10. You didn't get either what i meant.
  8. Maiimaii

    Website PVP UPDATE

    Suggestion is good, But i don't agree with making pvp kills count at for_fild01. Pvp room been disabled and only open for certain time to avoid feeders. People might just feed themselves.
  9. Nice update! But exchanging this coins/points 1 by 1 its gonna take a lot of time, Why not just make an option when you can trade a lot at once?
  10. Shoo, too much weabnimes:(
  11. IIRC, You get more ASPD w/ no weapon so. Try doing it like removing the cards and w/ cards while equipping bow. Not removing it. And it does works well. It just that this is high rate.
  12. This is wrong section tho. Move them please. This thread is for suggesting stuff in fRO.
  13. Like i said, dont compare ws damage to actual range type class. I don’t want to repeat over and over again. It just because you guys want to live in easy way and use a easy 1 button class and doing same damage on dex jobs. Whitesmith can carry 500-600 seeds max , while having 300k hp. And you guys want to do same damage on what sniper/gs does. On top of that, they have low ass hp, low carrying weight. No pnuema. Ws C still does a good damage right now.
  14. Maiimaii

    This Or That?

    Electric Butt cheeks or cheeks? ?
  15. Maiimaii

    This Or That?

    Smart(brainy) pokemon or digimon ?
  16. Maiimaii

    Wabbit fix Plz

    I agree putting back the -5% delay cast time on white rabbit weapon, but then ever since the ring came SN become hard to kill because of the -10% reduct they have in weapon. I suggest that removing that reduct and re-adding the -5% delay would be fine. Having 600k+ hp with that reduct is a little bit op.
  17. I don't get why inactive player tries to suggest things. /hmm @qperteplex
  18. Mhm XD Well if you guys want a high damage. Gunslinger are always welcome. rofl.
  19. Its not useless, they still do 70-80k tbh. Plus its a str type class. Tbh, range str type attack shouldn’t be actually doing those damage. You guys just want to be op and use an easy class. Imagine GS having 300k+ hp. Carrying 400-500 seeds. thats what happening on whitesmith cursed before. It’s ridiculous. Also there’s difference between “nerfed” and “balanced”
  20. Variants of it doesnt work properly.
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