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Tanukis Recruiting

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Guild Leader: Lord Kimochii

Co-Tanukis: Aime Elari -Eman- OneShotKill Ebichuman
Guild Spot: @warp gonryun 44 17

Communication: Raidcall


About Us
Tanukis is a currently a guild that focuses on reaching as far as possible in the server whether it be in quests, levels, PvP, PvM, ET, or WoE. We want to explore the server to its fullest and everything it has to offer. Our focus is as a group rather than individual so it's not uncommon to see us waiting until the other person catches up in level, or going so far as creating alternate characters just so they have someone to party with. We share our knowledge of builds, quests, leveling spots and the like among each other to help progress. We're a very social guild so getting along with everyone is a must, we treat each other like family. We hope to see you be a part of our family too!

What We Do
In Tanukis we try to make everything a fun and socialble enviornment. In my eyes i belive we could do WoE, Gear up, Mvp and more together, However us being a new guild is our problem Come join us and the socail talking!

How to Join

In reality what would happen is you would ask one of the Co-tanuki's and you get!


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[GM Ares is in here some where LOL


v Wedding dresses and stuff, But it's the guild! v


[GM] Ares was in there again somewhere LOL

But it's like everyone and everything XD


And Again, Wedding stuffz.


And again...


That's all of them so far. I'm sure i have more.. I just don't want to upload anymore!

Anyways, You should really come join our Family, We're helpful and friendly! We really like people too~

If you want invited PM any of these : FluttershyMalady, Elari, or Yuriberu!

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