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Collin's Professor/scholar Guide

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So yeah, at last i have finally got the mood to do this xD I wanna do it a lot of months ago but was so lazy and gathering more info's and experience. Cause a lot of players always asking me about prof. here it is.

Well Prof/Scholar needs 2 builds. Namely, Bolt and Stave build but i do have a third on my own, Heaven's Drive Build though only weapon will change cause of compounded cards.

First Thing 1st :


Str: Around 50 depending on the bonus str you get from equips/cards or put str until u can carry at least 150- 200pcs. Of ygg seeds.

Agi: Until u can get 195 aspd(attack speed) which is the highest we can get but I suggest to put a little bit more after u get the max aspd so even your on quagmire(which decrease agi) and other debuffs u can still spam and stay on 195 aspd.

Vit: All the remaining stats after the other stats.

Int: 260-280 base + additional stats

Dex: Just until you can get 150 including bonus stats. For example 98+52|100+50|85+65

Luk: None, since u don’t be needing to have crit.

**Note that professor’s need to be wise on putting their stats, since we need to balance Defense/HP to MATK/Offense because mainly Prof is a support class. But can be powerful in PvP battle too and vital for Woe.

So we only get bonus stats/effect every base 10 stat point we have. So basically having stats to max is a waste of stat points for prof. With that said we should have a stat always on a multiple of 10 including bonus stat points (e.g. 272+88|99+51)



Basic Sets:

1. Knight Set (armor/shield/cloak/helm/boots)

2. King Set(armor/shield/cloak/helm/boots)

** But you don’t need the shield to get the set effect bonus . This is due to the server having the best shield, Frigg’s King Shield

BOLT TYPE/Heaven’s Drive Type

Upper Headgear: Best so far is Piamette Ears which give +40int & +20 to others and have 1 slot and can easily be obtained from vote shop with 60 vote point.

But i Prefer wearing Valk. expansion hat. since ull freeze if u have piamette on. and saves a lot of stat for agi as i have tested.

But there are a lot of headgears you can choose from(2 slots):

· Valkyrie Helm which gives Str + 10 Luk + 10 ASPD + 10

· Valkyrie Expansion Hat which gives same effect as valkyrie helm but varies on appearance.

· MInistrel Hat

· Skull Cap

· Skull Hood

· Magic Eyes Hat/Loli Hat.

· Midas Whisper

· Evil Marcher Hat

· Magic Stone Hat

· Kafra Hat which gives 30% increase in magic attacks.(1 slot)(Nerfed so it doesnt work on prof anymore)

· Burning Spirit = for fire attacks . which gives 30% more damage to fire property.

Middle Headgear: For starters, Christmas snow flake aura which gives +15 to all stats and 5% increase in Matk.

For Average Players, Legendary Zodiac Aura or Lighthalzen Aura which gives +20 to all stats.

For those who can afford, you can either choose in a lot of Aura’s below.

1. Butterfly Aura (the best aura for int types) which gives +20 to all stats, maximum hp+5%, +10% increase in matk

2. Skull Aura which gives a lot of reductions.(defensive)

3. Emperium Aura (optional) – attributes to be added .

Lower Headgear: For starters, Legendary rucksack(pandaring/leafring/usakoring) which gives +8 to all stats.

For Average, Scarf which gives +20 int and +20 vit for professor with 1 slot, can be obtained on vote shop with 100 vote points

For those who can afford, Professor Cursed Ring(the best) or Infernal Cape of Professor. See the stats on token shop/forum.

** Basically you will be needing 3 kiel cards on your headgears but will differ when you have 3 or 4 slots. The option is having Maya Purple card or not. But since you can use Box of Sunlight(effect of which is like Maya purple though no card is necessary but only for 30sec.) to be able to see cloaked players or mobs I suggest to have piamette.

Armor: Basically all classes should have different armors with different card combinations depending on the class of the enemy.

So ill just list some card combos ull be needing:

1. Tao gunka+ghostring =which is very basic

2. Tao gunka+puppetring=for melee attackers

3. Tao gunka+angeling=elemental classes(those who uses elements like arrows/bullets/bolts)

4. Tao gunka+taogunka=for sinx.

5. Tao gunka+Rsx= for anti knocked back/Acid bombers.

Shield: Frigg’s King shield is the best with usakoring card which gives 35% decrease on damage taken from demi-humans

But u should also have a shield with Maya card(reflect magic attacks) and GoldenThiefBug card.(nullifies magic)

Weapon: For starters, Legendary Professor staffs. For those who can afford the Valkyrie Weapon Professor Highness Staff(Enable the use of Level 1 Stave Crasher, Allow the use of Level 10 Enlarge Weight Limit, Max SP + 15%, Int + 35, Str + 35, MATK + 30%.
Unbreakable.) is the best so far.

So whichever weapon you have , here are some combo cards I suggest:

1. 1valkyrie randgris+1dragoon warlord+1Phreeoni+1necromancer = stripping weapon = this is best when auto bolting.(see guide on auto bolting in the attack/skill combo section.)

2. 2necromancer+2pitman = bolt weapon

3. 4 pitman = heavens drive weapon

** You can choose your own main weapon, and if you want to have all those , I’ll leave the decision to you. But I suggest having it all. King ring doesn't work on prof as well.


Boots: here are the combo cards u can choose from:

1. 2 general egnigem cards(GEC)= for more hp and sp

2. 1GEC+1Dark Lord= additional damage from meteor storm and additional hp and sp

3. 1GEC+1Amon ra =additional defense for melee attackers from kyrie Elieson.

4. 1GEC+1uber poporing

5. 2uber poporing= for damage wise

6. LAdy Tanee+card of choice = more mana more def (cause of energy coat.)

** You can choose your own main boots, and if you want to have all those or some at the same time, I’ll leave the decision to you. But I suggest have what is necessary to your own battle strategy.

Cloak: Just like armor there are a lot of basic combo cards you should have or choose from :

1. 2 Raydric card = less damage from asura

2. 1raydric+1skoll=less damage from asura and thana users

3. 2 skoll= lesser damage taken from thana users

4. And a lot more.

** You can choose your own main cloak but I suggest the #2, and if you want to have all those or some at the same time, I’ll leave the decision to you.

Accessories: For starters, a Pair Intelligent Gauntlets which gives +35 int ea

For Average Players, Int Belts which adds +40int and +7mdef ea

For those who can afford, The Best is Urd’s Earrings which adds +40 int+ 7mdef and 1 slot ea

**Basically there are 2 cards u can choose from to compound on your Urd’s, namely:

1. Imp Card(can be found on thor_v01/02) which gives 25% more damage with fire bolt and 25% faster cast for firebolt

2. Siroma Card(can be found on ice_dun03) which gives 25% more damage with cold bolt and 25% faster cast for coldbolt

But another piece of Urd’s earring is optional, Put erende ebecee card (can be found on lhz_dun02) which gives a small chance of auto casting pneuma when receiving attacks. Which gives another line of defense for us for range attacks.

Stave Crasher Build

**Almost the same equips as the other build but changes on some parts. And its like a physical attacker build but the damage of stave crasher depends on the Matk of the caster.

Upper Headgear: The Best is Ship Captain Hat which gives immunity to freeze and 20% to physical and range attacks in which stave crasher is a range attack.

You can also use Tea Kochakaden hat which have 25% increase damage on stave crasher, decrease vit defense by 20% and +20 int

But I suggest use 2 slotted headgear so you can put Forsaken Soldier card to be immune to stone whoch can be very lethal especially whn you are battling with champs.

Weapon: For starters. Legendary Professor Staff is enough.

For Average and those who can buy, Voluspa Staff of Prophecy(Int + 20, Increase Magic Attack damage by 30%, Enable use of Level 1 Stave Crasher, Enable use of Level 10 Enlarge Weight Limit, Increase damage with Stave Crasher by 60%.), another valkyrie weapon for professor, which have the 60% increase in damage in stave crasher which is the main reason for it to be effective in stave crashing.

And as for cards compounded:

1. 1Thana+1Phreeoni+2TG =for rich players xD

2. 1SkeletonWorker+1Phreeoni+2TurtleGeneral=for average players cause u still need 1 with inca

3. 1Incantation Samurai+1PHree+2 TG = make this one ur default.

** use incantation samura combo as ur default. cause some have high def which will make ur skel combo set useless and deal poor damage as ive tested.THough Skel combo deals a bir more damage.

Boots: For boots You will be needing 2 Fallen Bishop Hibram cards which lowers magic attack but increase damage on demi-humans.

**You will be Required to use Element Converters for the stave crasher to be effective. Examples of which is cursed water/box of storms/the traditional converters.


Yes you are required to use converters but professor have its own skill to enchant its weapon another type of element. These are:

Endow Blaze(fire) = requires 1 red blood

Endow Quake(earth) = requires 1 green live

Endow Tsunami(water) = requires 1 crystal blue

Endow Tornado(wind) = requires 1 wind of venture

And you can make your own elemental converters. It’s the Unique skill you can obtain from kafra. Ingredients are listed on the skill


You can further increase your damage by using volcano/deluge/whirlwind for fire/water/wind element consecutively.

Attack Combo’s/Skills

There are a lot of combo’s for offense you can take your pick.

1. Vocalno+Mind Breaker(on enemy not yourself)+Stone Curse+Fiber Lock+Fire Bolt (with double bolt already in effect)

Seems long but the highest damage I got so far from my experimenting.

2. Since the #1 is so long here are the basics.

a. Volcano+fiberlock+FireBolt

b. Deluge+ColdBolt

c. Whirlwind+Lightning Bolt

3. You will be needing to use Heaven’s Drive to counter maya.

4. Also you can alternate stone curse with Frost Diver. But not advisable since players wear F.sets which let them gain immunity to freeze.

5. Fiber Lock = requires 1 cobweb which can be obtained from argos. gives double damage to fire spells

**mind breaking enemy is optional.can be lethal for the enemy and yourself since mind breaker gives higher matk and lower magic def.

Also TAKE NOTE that fibe lock and stone only work for 10 bolts. since u will fire 20 bolts due to ur doublebolt skill. the next 10 bolts will be normal

Also u can use MIND BREAKER at ur self by using another 255 prof. and increase ur own matk ^^<

Defense Combo’s/Skills

These are some combo’s that worked for me so far.

1. Blinding Mist+Safety Wall=which makes asura miss since asura is a physical attack.

2. Volcano+Safety Wall

3. Deluge+Safety Wall

4. Whirlwind+Safety Wall

5. Blinding Mist = makes other players spam slower, this basically gives them delay.

6. Magnetic Earth/Land Protector = nullifies all AoE(Area Of effect) attacks such us clown’s aoe and wiz’s aoe.

7. Energy Coat = Another basic line of defense of int types.

Guide on Auto Bolting

Easy Steps,

1. Just use your skill Hindsight.

2. Choose the Element/skill you want.(suggest bolts since double bolt works with this skill well)

3. Put Damage Amplifier Skill (volcano/deluge/whirlwind)

4. Have a link.(since with no link, you will only have 5 bolts. But with link you will cast lvl 10 bolts instead.)

5. Point to enemy.

6. ENJOY !!!

**Best with Stripping weapon, and while fighting unfcped player using gtb.

BE AWARE OF MAYA, since autobolts can be reflected too.


Redux Prof Build


Str: Around 50-100 depending on the bonus str you get from equips/cards. So that you can carry more seeds. Thus being able to tank more.

Agi: Until u can get 195 aspd(attack speed), u still need to spam skills on certain situations.

Vit: 200-220. This stat will be ur main stat for this build. But I don’t suggest going more than 250+ since it wouldn’t make much of a difference in hp.

Int: id put the rest of the stats here. You might ask why. It is simply because ur main line of defense which is the energy coat. Absorbs damage by consuming your sp. So having more sp means more defense for you and will not get your coat easily dispelled by so much attacks.

Dex: Just until you can get 150 including bonus stats. For example 98+52|100+50|85+65

Luk: None, since u won’t be needing to have crit.

** Stats will be of your choice. But as for my opinion and to get u start on experimenting on your build. It is what I have stated.


Upper Headgear:Colored Beret, Laughing PooPoo Hat/Poring Tower hat, Deviling Hat, Angeling Hat. Card would be Kiel(For a full reduc prof)

**I would still use valk expansion, knight helm, Vh helm for most of the times as you need to have fsold and immunity to freeze while being on redux. Cause simply put the situation is on woe, Most players know that a redux type can be frozen and stoned. And that will make u immobile and thus useless for sometime.

Middle Headgear: Same old auras would be good enough, but the best auras for a redux type is an orig. mythical aurora or skull aura for extra line of redux. Card would be kiel as well.

Lower Headgear: Fluffy Wings, Legendary Sacred Gold Wings. But the best is Orig. Sacred Wings for the slot where u can put a kiel otherwise u need to use a 2 slot upper headgear to compensate and be able to have 3 kiels on.

Armor: Same as the other builds. But mainly ull be on tao+gr in this case. Unless when someone is trying to knock you back and if there is no champ around, use rsx+tao. Also if there is no bio or champ. Best to use is 2tgk.

Boots: Same old gears. But this time I would suggest that the best choice is Dwiz+Amonra. Though other choices is still on your decision.

** Having Dwiz+Amon ra combo is best, why? Simply because one of your biggest counter is Crit types like sinx and sniper, they pierce through defenses but still somewhat affected by redux. Simply said this is to lift up a big advantage against your greatest foe.

Cloak: Same old gears. Though I would mainly use ray+skoll.

Accessories: I would use Vit accessories like vit gaunts/ vit belts and asgards + vit runes. But I find it too absurd to buy asgard for this kind of build. So having belts for me is most appropriate. If u intend to fight with a redux type on pvp. Use Ifrit Rings and wait for asura or coma that can kill opponents not on GR.

Shield: If you are using 2 slot headgear, use King shield or Friggs. But if u are on the redux hats, use knight shield. Card of course is your choice. Gtb/maya/usa. But ultimately ull use usa since ur a redux type already.

Weapon: Would only be a simple Combat Knife.

Skills to Rely on:

1. Energy Coat- Main line of defense as stated and explained on preceding discussions.

2. Safety Wall- against melee attacks.

3. Blinding Mist – against spamming.

4. Magnetic Earth or Lp – to counter SW/Pneuma or other aoe skills. Remember that ur own field and Sw and mist will be cancelled as well.

5. Dispell – against Priests who uses Basilica, to cancel out 2x from battle chant, to cancel out edp and other buffs of enemies.

6. Elemental Fields – To assist damage of your allies. Does not work together with mist but can work together with SW.

7. Endow Element – To assist and give ur allies instant converter that lost longer unless dispelled. Only works on party members and urself.

** This build is mainly to be a full assist or support type professor. And is not very useful against 1 on 1 pvp situation but very good on a gang situation. Specially woe/br/gvg.

** Another note that, I prefer being semi redux prof only, Simply because profs are already defensive in nature, and having a bit more defense due to some redux equips is already enough, And still u can deal damage your opponents. Almost all redux prof cant do anything to fight back against enemies and just waiting allies or coma to come to play.

Frequently Asked Questions ~

Q: What to buy 1st if i cant buy all expensive stuffs all at once?

A: I would say Urds Earrings or Butt Aura depends on your discretion. Why? Urds because it does gives+ 40 int and a slot for imp or siroma cards. Basically the cards itself adds 50% of ur bolt damage already, having more due to the bonus+80 int. Butt Aura on the other hand, gives +10% matk which is unrivaled to have lower matk bonus but gives u hp% and adds on your over all performance. And if u have low matk on the 1st place the cards additional damage% wouldnt be so high still.

Q: Why my stave crasher damage goes below 10k even if the enemy is on gtb?

A: They are probably on holy armor and noxious cards. U just need to use cursed water as your converter. If it did not work, your enemy probably is on redux equips.

Q: Why i cant safety wall on certain instances?

A: Most probably someone uses pneuma near you, which negates activation on pneuma. those two skills cant overlap each other as u will be invulnerable if they can be together. Another factor is that ur standing on a magnetic field or what we call land protector(LP).

Q: How can i fight against a bio which bolts me 12-20k ea and if i go gtb he will just ab me to death?

A: Basically To counter Bio to start with is having gr+rsx and 2 devs on cloak, but if he bolts u so high that ur hp cant handle the spam, go to gtb and put 2 deviling on cloak. use blinding mist as ur line of defense so he cant spam that fast, u wont be moved out of the mist since ur already on rsx, so rest assured that u wont be pushed away and just recast the mist. Be careful as for sure they will go maya, check your aoe damage(preferably Heaven's Drive) before bolting, or stick to stave crashing.

Q: How can i fight against a ninja?

A: Basically its pretty hard to battle a good ninja. But if u wanna beat it with prof, there is only one thing to do. corner the ninja and stave. Use your mist so he cant spam you to death, use skoll+noxious on your cloak to reduce their damage against you. Its a matter of a small failure for a ninja and he will die. But you can outlast the battle as you are taking less damage and, he will probably use seeds more than you, as he only minimal sp due to fbh.

Q:How can i fight against a melee sinx that is dispelling me and has gtb on as well?

A: Use 2 TGK in armor.Safety Wall and fiber lock will play a major part in here. 1st SW yourself and if the sinx tries to attack. Fiber lock him, move away and stave. Repeat the process. This will take long. And this is only if the sinx is on fcp. If the sinx have no fcp, SW urself. wait him to show up, try to strip, he will be stripped not so long as sinx dont have much dex, but be mindful that ur SW will be gone after a few sec, so u need to rebuild it and strip again, dont forget to have hindsight on, so u can see if he got strip.


If I have missed or said anything wrong , feel free to correct or put more inputs.Also stats and info's on the items are incomplete, too tired to list all of them xD

Hope This helps.

Edited by sartorius19
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+1 to this guide :) thanks for the guide and effort ;))) /no1

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Rule of the thumb when to know an enemy will have a negative defense if they used skolls: They are wearing Rings and is not using Super Baby class.

Overall, good guide. :D Although Stave and Bolt types are essentially the same, just switching gears, you might not want to separate them.

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thanks guys.

Rayray i just separated them cause most of the players who asked me about prof is kinda confused , so i did segregate them n__n

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Best Guide Ever !!!






Thumbs Up mang !! You and Your Lasagna is the BEST ! XD haha

Edited by Prince_Jester

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Lol. Lasagna is the best EVER ! :3

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ooh such a helpful guide :)

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Updated. and Making it back to top.

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nice guild ty...

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what is the secret of prof magic dmg ?? is it when they buffs mind breaker to other and bolt them and cast also to him/her a mind breaker to boost damage isnt it ?? i have a professor but my dmg is just 8k-10k i saw some people and baby their bolt damage is 15-20k Imao ^_^

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what is the secret of prof magic dmg ?? is it when they buffs mind breaker to other and bolt them and cast also to him/her a mind breaker to boost damage isnt it ?? i have a professor but my dmg is just 8k-10k i saw some people and baby their bolt damage is 15-20k Imao ^_^

yes, it's mind breaker . or the target mdef is so low / he use deviling

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Im so proud of you! :)

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Edited some things on this guide as ive tested it more.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but kafra band nerfed on proff so it didnt give any effect except its 1 slotted.

And I'm conffused here how TGK + ED good against acid bomber? I thought ED only useful to protect from freeze and stone.

Thx in advance for awesome guide /no1

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Oh yeah i must have overlooked that one. undead is for freeze and stone but not necessary since few uses freezable HG. now a days. since its below the tao+rsx.

And as for the kafra band, i forgot to change it, since i think when i made this, kafra still working.

But edited already thanks for the things u mentioned >.<

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Updated ~

- Added FAQs which contains tips on fighting certain classes but still incomplete. More to be added in the future time.

Or Post ur questions that u wanted to be added in here. I'll try to look into it.

Edited by sartorius19

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One small thing in your FAQs. I never will use dual devs + gtb even against an INT biochem. Chances are, if they follow what I said in my guide(and only a few does follow it), they will bring converters, and a 1k total attack bio(assuming he has some str for seeds and is using jrage), and equips 2x fbh shoes and use a converter and auto attack you will still hurt your prof, more than your stave will hurt the bio(assuming again that he is geared). Would have been easier to just make his AD so low that he resorts to bolts and then you use maya. Landon (Bombin) killed me a fair few times due to maya :p

In the end, the one who will lose is the one without fcp or loses seeds faster if both prof and bio wore gtb.

I really can't add anything to the guide as it is mostly complete. Good job.

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Well, its easy ^^, if thats the case, Fiber lock move away and repeat process. + we got safety wall.

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Well, its easy ^^, if thats the case, Fiber lock move away and repeat process. + we got safety wall.

Yeah that will work but you need to keep up using fiber lock everytime. And if you do get me in a fiber lock, i'll just cloak/hide. That would make you go near to use sight and we just got back where we started. But of course not every bio will do that so that is indeed a good counter.

And that only works on INT Biochems. I don't think a hybrid one would have a problem with that since it would only take him 1-3 mammonites on anyone using dual devs + GTB. Lastly, you gotta be honest, only a few of you guys use fiber lock, everyone else is using bolts :p

In any case, a really good guide man, keep it up.

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yeah. i guess its always how sharp player plays the class. but so far. i havent actually fought any good hybrid bio. the last one would be landon way back. but till now. i havent seen anyone fight with hybrid. and if the player dont have thana to mammo. it would take more than 5 mammo to get to us. cause of blinding mist. and before bio can mammo. ill sure be on my wall xD

but thanks for the input. ^^,

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Good to know landon using hybrid bio. Before I went hiatus, only me and airi does hybrid. And yeah, a hybrid bio without thana would be way too weak, that I know for sure.

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thats the thing, most bio i see is AB spam and bolt, nothing more nothing less xD since ab got faster spam. though another topic i wuld like to ask you about in pm but i cant message u lol so, i just notice that lower headgears can be refined. is it a bug or is it really intended. for? example the fluffy and sacred wings. i made mine+10 dont know what happens LOL.

and i also noticed, prof and wiz got a really crappy spam, it has some kinda delay to it, without double bolt, spam is like so slow.its like there is .5-1sec delay per bolt.

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