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  1. hello , long time no see. Ex-endeavour guild here XD

  2. Push ! Mobile Gaming or PC Gaming ?
  3. Hello, it's been a while

  4. well, from my POV our suggestion will NEVER be accepted. And because siopao and Lylox have no people at that time and say SIT BACK AND RELAX they go bashing us because they think we have the TIME because some of us are online . and andre, i can't join GVG because i have a work now and in my office i can't install RO . Even back then in normal days, i prefer enjoying my sleep rather than GVG or BR or even woe since i rarely attending morning woe also .
  5. lol, what's your reason posting this in the public? if u really want to ask my guild go alive when GVG like it was, u should approach Jasser not us since he was our leader back then . and as i know, my guild never have many ppl when GVG time, try to SS with your full screen because i want to see is there many ppl in aldebaran ?
  6. agree . if the time is still the same 8/9 AM in asian region (i'm at GMT+7) make it on sunday,
  7. well if it's me, i really can't deal with the time . GVG time is in the morning on weekdays in here . I also really rare joining the morning woe in here, (i never woe in himin until now) i know this is still an American server, but i think there's really a lot of asian players in here . so i +1 for changing the time for asian time .
  8. make asian GVG time and i will join .
  9. Cspeed 1:2 Seeds 5:1 prefer in bulk, i will put the current stock later in the post
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