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Found 8 results

  1. westlife

    Thana Build

    So i was wondering there are not so many thana build on the forum and would like to get some tips,Because i just got a thana recently. I saw a guide about breaker thana but with the wrong cards and with those cards you cant kill anyone on woe. Im trying to make a build that can defend+attack some players and also break im willing to switch as much as possible but only need the good cards for it+ struggling witch weapon to use on both-hand so many chooses but only willing to reach max damage on both-hands any tips/tricks/advice/guide for it that would help alot. Thank you
  2. I'm just curious about peoples opinions about the best breakers of all time. I have my top my top 4: number 1 being best. 1- I'll Coma Your Emp 2- trangression 3- iJerk. 4- - Airwalk -
  3. nasa

    Full Breaker Type

    Hello Guys .. These is Crit Breaker Type Correct me if there some mistake .. Thank You ^__^ Helm = +10 and put Seyren Windsor Card [ lhz_dun03 ] Middle Aura = Vanberk / Maya Purple Lower Aura = Vanberk / Maya Purple Armor = Tao Gunka Card + Ghostring Card and 2 gloom armor [ I use 2 armor because if we use 2 gloom armor our hp is low so that why i use 2 armor 1 for TGK+GR and another one 2 gloom Unless you get devotion,u can use 2 gloom armor ] L.crit / Original Crit = 1 turtle general, 1 desert wolf [ moc_fild13 ], 1 abysmal knight [ gefenia01 ], 1 the paper [ ama_dun03 ] L.fenrir / Original Fenrir = 1 turtle general, 1 abysmal knight, 1 desert wolf , 1 orc skeleton [ orcsdun02 ] Cloak = 2 raydric or 1 skoll 1 raydric [i use 1 skoll and 1 raydric so i can get more hp ] Boots = 2 Fallen Bishop Accessories = 2 lagendary str belts or 2 forsaken str belts Stat Time <3 Woooooooooooooooo Str = 250 ASPD = 195 Luk = 100 ~ 120 [This one based on your self , somebody prefer damage than miss ] [somebody prefer not miss than damage] and The rest of the point is Vit <3 Correct Me if something is wrong IGN : Pew.Die.Pie You can pm me for more information Thank You ^__^ Peace Out :th_gawi:
  4. Sorry guys if there's already a topic about this. I just couldn't find it. So is it true that when you use thana on a crit build, it doesn't stack up? What's the best combo if you are a thana breaker? Please suggest on what weapon i should use. as of now i do have the L.Crit Sword and L. Fenrir Dagger. L.Crit = 2 Paper, 1 Orc Skel, Thana L.Dagger = 2 Orc Skel, 1 Paper, 1 Baby Dessert
  5. whats the build of an inca type breaker
  6. Wanted to post this last week but I forgot until I overheard it a while ago. Tried one of these in another server and it helps a lot...A LOT. Hope we can open a breaker testing area in this server. Just too see if we are doing enough (or our expected) damage to the emp. Just a suggestion. Regards :)
  7. Hello all, can any pro breakers out there provide stats and equips for a more advanced breaker. i usually see the pros use dagger + thana w/c i also do now but dont break as much as them. can anyone help me :D
  8. which is better? fdag with inca + 3tg or IP?
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